MIAMI (CBS4) – I’m not sure even the most imaginative fiction writer could come up with a country as absolutely insane as North Korea.

“60 Minutes” brought us the story yesterday of a man who escaped from a North Korean concentration camp where some fifteen thousand starving political prisoners live under brutal working conditions.

Camp 14 was born in Camp 14.  His whole family was imprisoned there as part of a horrific practice called “three generations of punishment” after two uncles defected to South Korea.

The same schizophrenic government that reigns with that kind of terror also just announced that its archaeologists have discovered the lair of a unicorn… yes, unicorn… ridden by an ancient Korean king.

Incredibly, they expect people to believe the “unicorn lair” had somehow remained undiscovered for hundreds of years even though they say it’s in the capital city of Pyongyang and that it’s labeled as a unicorn lair on a rectangular stone.

There is a long history of stories that defy belief coming out of North Korea.  Unfortunately, some are true and tragic, like Camp 14.

Even more unfortunate, that crazy country has nuclear weapons.




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