Bathroom Guide for Sun Life Stadium Tailgaters

Find the closest restroom to your parking lot tailgate (Credit, Niema Hulin)

It’s 9 o’clock in the morning. You’re prepping for a 1 p.m. game and you’re so engrossed in cooking that you realize you forgot you had to go to the restroom. Stadium parking just opened up and the lines to the porta potties are packed. You don’t have time to waste. What do you do? You follow the Sun Life Stadium tailgating bathroom guide, of course. Read below to find out what supplies you should bring and more importantly, where to find a restroom when time is of the essence.


Porta potties are historically not sanitary but they are very convenient. However, since they are so convenient, they are often times missing necessary supplies. So, it is recommended that everyone take a trip to the store beforehand and pick up a personal bottle of hand sanitizer. You are working with food and though hand sanitizer is normally provided, there are occasions when they do run out. Better to be safe than sorry.

Porta Potties

There are porta potties everywhere you look at Sun Life Stadium, including around the stadium itself and in all of the surrounding parking lots. There is an occasional line but that usually only occurs when people are first arriving or in a rush to make it into the game. You can find them at each gate entrance on either side of the gate. You can also find them at the beginning and end of each row. There are also special large porta potties for Sun Life Stadium’s handicap tailgaters sprinkled throughout all of the parking lots. They are usually located closest to the stadium. Sun Life Stadium is vast so that translates into a lot of restroom options for all.

Outdoor Stadium Bathrooms

At the Sun Life Stadium Nat’s BBQ Bash, there are outside, indoor bathrooms. It’s an outdoor covered terrace at the base of the stadium, and as you walk to the back, you will see an indoor bathroom with multiple stalls. The catch is that in order to belong to this club, you have to pay in advance for tickets. It’s $60 for individual tickets, $55 for group tickets and $45 for season tickets. That’s not just for the use of the bathroom. It’s also admission for some awesome all-you-can-eat BBQ and all-you-can-drink alcohol. That’s a small price to pay for an indoor bathroom.

If BBQ is not your thing and you’re a bar food kind of girl or guy, then you can also hop on the Duffy’s Express Bus. This ride picks you up from any Duffy’s restaurant and carts you to your very own tailgating terrace. Like Nat’s BBQ Bash, there is an indoor, outdoor restroom facility and the tailgate offers fabulous food courtesy of Duffy’s Sports Bar. Tickets are $89 for lower level and $134 for upper level. The price includes the bus ride, game tickets, terrace, tailgate and of course, the bathroom.

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Niema Hulin moved to Miami after graduating from the University of Florida. She has lived here and been a Dolphins fane ever since. Her work can be found at


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