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Big Story:
The Hall of Fame nominations are out in baseball, and shockingly I have an opinion about the steroid era players now eligible. UM pulled a sizable upset last night. Conference realignment continues. And why Kent State could become Oklahoma’s biggest nightmare.

Quote of the Day:
“The pursuit of truth will set you free; even if you never catch up with it.” – Clarence Darrow

UM Basketball:
Thought I’d start off with something out of the ordinary today, so kudos to UM’s basketball team.
They sprung a major upset on Michigan State last night in the ACC/Big 10 Challenge.
Let me put it this way, I didn’t think UM had a snowball’s chance in you know where in this one.
Remember, UM is a team that lost to Florida Gulf Coast University a few weeks back along with St. Leo.
Coming back and knocking off the #13 Michigan State Spartans is an impressive win.
UM has UMass, Charlotte, UCF, Hawaii, Arizona, and LaSalle before conference play begins.
They should have a decent record back then and who knows what’s possible after that.
They’re not in the same league as the triumvirate of power of UNC, NC State, and Duke.
But being fourth to those three isn’t a bad thing in college basketball.

Conference Realignment:
I swear, every time I wrote this story yesterday, another team moved conferences.
Louisville pulled the move first in the morning to the ACC.
Then, FAU and Middle Tennessee State bolted the Sun Belt for Conference USA.
Honestly, it’s getting to the bottom of the barrel when FAU is making conference switches.
But hey, good for them because there’s more money and better TV deals with Conference USA.
Plus, they keep up with the Joneses of FIU.
So who’s next?
I don’t know honestly, but if I’m the ACC, I’m doing everything in my power to make sure FSU knows that I really, REALLY love them.
Otherwise, if I’m the Big XII, I’ve got my eyes on FSU and Clemson.
Speaking of, the Big XII has confounded me in its quest to stay at 10 teams.
I understand they have a rich TV contract and don’t want to split the pool up more, but there comes a point where you either get on board or get left behind.
Let’s face it, the SEC, ACC, Big 10, and Pac-12 could all move to 16 teams with just a few phone calls.
Then who’s left out, the Big XII and what used to be the Big East, but now resembles Conference USA.
Either the Big XII is planning something big, or Texas is running it’s mouth about how it’s the only program that matters in the conference and can carry them with just 10 teams.
My guess would be the latter.

BCS Buster Kent State:
I touched on this earlier in the week and on in an article, but Kent State could be a HUGE fly in the ointment of the BCS this year.
And I’m fine with that.
Because it points out how stupid the BCS is and how non-transparent it is. At least the voters can be called onto the carpet, which the computers can’t.
Here’s what can happen.
If Kent State wins the MAC Championship game this weekend, it will likely move into the Top 16 in the country.
With no Big East team ranked higher, that would mean Kent State would receive an automatic qualifier spot for the BCS.
If Kent State gets in, it will probably knock out Oklahoma.
That’s why the Sugar Bowl and Orange Bowl are sweating bullets right now.
Think of it this way…if you’re the Sugar Bowl you have Florida locked in to one spot and the Orange Bowl has the ACC Champ, more than likely Florida State locked in.
Assuming the top of the polls stay the same, here’s your potential BCS matchups….
BCS Title game: Notre Dame vs. Alabama
Fiesta Bowl: Kansas State (Big XII Champ) vs. Oregon (at-large)
Sugar Bowl: Florida (at-large) vs.
Orange Bowl: FSU (ACC Champ) vs.
Rose Bowl: Nebraska (Big 10 Champ) vs. Stanford (Pac-12 Champ)
By order of selection, the Sugar Bowl has the next to last pick meaning they’ll pick the Big East champion, more than likely Louisville, but possibly Rutgers.
Which would leave Kent State for the Orange Bowl.
This is a nightmare as far as ticket sales and ratings outside of Florida.
This is a Kent State team that lost to Kentucky…yes Kentucky…and got destroyed by Kentucky, 47-14.
Now, Northern Illinois could beat Kent State and settle this for everyone.
But if you think the Orange Bowl is worried about FSU vs. Kent State how about this one….Ga. Tech upset FSU in the ACC title game and Kent State wins.
You’d get the Orange Bowl matchup of Kent State vs. Georgia Tech.
Grab your tickets while you can *sarcasm*
If that happens, mark my words, it will be the least attended and lowest rated BCS game EVER!
Right now, the biggest fans of Northern Illinois on Saturday will be the Orange Bowl officials and Oklahoma fans.
If NIU wins, Oklahoma will head to the Sugar Bowl and FSU/Ga. Tech will play Louisville/Rutgers in the Orange Bowl.

Baseball Hall of Fame:
Finally, a quick word about the Hall of Fame candidates from the Steroid Era now eligible.
Here’s the argument I heard on CBS This Morning, well, we have scumbags in there already, so these guys numbers earned it, so why not.
That came from a baseball writer with the New York Times.
Talk about twisted logic. Two wrongs make a right.
Look, I’m not saying there aren’t racists, scumbags, and the like in the Hall of Fame.
But Bonds, Clemens, Sosa and the like had to resort to illegal substances to get their numbers.
They cheated themselves and the game, pure and simple.
Therefore, they don’t deserve to be honored.
Plus, why not honor Pete Rose and Shoeless Joe Jackson if breaking the rules and spirit of the game doesn’t disqualify you?
Finally, this is the same Hall of Fame that doesn’t have Marvin Miller in it.
Solve that problem first, then get to the Roid Era.
The more I hear about the Baseball Hall of Fame, the more I think it’s a joke, which is a sad commentary. Or maybe it’s just the baseball writers who vote that are jokes.


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