Something Extra: Pretty, But Not Nice?

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MIAMI (CBS4) – Mirror, mirror on the wall, what is the fairest city of them all?

According to a Travel and Leisure survey, Miami has the most attractive people in the country.

Miami regained the top spot in beautiful people for the first time in three years, beating out San Diego, San Juan, Charleston and L.A.

Miami’s people were also rated among the most stylish and athletic and the city got some highest marks when it came to partying and the singles scene

That’s the good news.

The bad news?

We were ranked near the basement when it came to driving ability (no surprise there), friendliness and intelligence.

Ouch… we’re seen as almost as unfriendly as New York!

Visitors didn’t like our local accent, thought Miami wasn’t great for family vacations and unfairly rated the city as a cultural wasteland.

The big irony?

Miami residents gave ourselves even worse ratings than the visitors did.

We only ranked ourselves better than the visitors did in only six out of sixty-six categories, considering ourselves the least friendly people in the country and second least intelligent.

We’ve got to work on civic pride.

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