Big Story:
Lots of coaches are looking for work Monday morning, but will UM be looking for a coach soon? The Dolphins come back to win, yes win, and keep their slim playoff chances alive. And the Heat keep winning at home, *yawn,* all in the agenda today.

Quote of the Day:
“When the power of love overcomes the love of power, the world will know peace.” – Jimi Hendrix

College Football:
The bloodletting began in earnest Sunday and many schools are now looking for a new head coach.
The latest firing victims include: Colorado’s Jon Embree, BC’s Frank Spaziani, Purdue’s Danny Hope, NC State’s Tom O’Brien, and Auburn’s Gene Chizik.
In the SEC, Kentucky, Arkansas, Tennessee and Auburn are all looking for head coaches.
Take out Kentucky and that’s three solid schools with great alumni support looking for a coach.
There could be more as rumors are swirling about Missouri’s Gary Pinkel, though he’s likely not going anywhere.
All of that brings us to….

UM/Al Golden:
Let’s be honest, Arkansas, Tennessee, and Auburn are all superior jobs to UM at this point in time.
20 years ago, not so much, but now, they are all superior.
Think about it, all three have plenty of cash, are in the best football conference in America and Auburn is just two-years removed from a national title.
Talent isn’t the issue with the teams, it’s been poor coaching and lack of discipline.
Now, unlike UM, all three of those schools will come with a HUGE demand for winning. 6-6 won’t cut it and even 8-4 would be a disappointment, well most years anyways.
If you’re Golden, why in the world do you stay with UM?
Everyone knows the NCAA is about to drop the hammer on the Canes and no one will blame him for wanting to take off.
Will he?
I doubt it, he just doesn’t strike me as being willing to give up easy.
I mean the man coached Temple for four years, that’s just a glutton for punishment.
Just don’t be surprised if the phone rings that he listens…I would if I were him.

Back to College Football:
Notre Dame is ranked number one in the country.
Ugh, my breakfast tasted better the first time.
Notre Dame is also the most overrated school in America and whether it’s Georgia or Alabama, will be taken to school on the field.
We know that Notre Dame is Miami bound, now we just have to wait until the SEC Championship is won to determine the other school to play ND.
I have a feeling it will be Bama, but Georgia is playing some dang good football in the last few weeks.
It’s going to be, shall I say, a slobberknocker.
Here’s something to pay attention to that could make the Orange Bowl officials absolutely nauseous.
Kent State is currently ranked 17th in the country.
If KSU can sneak into the number 16 spot, they will claim a BCS at-large bid.
Since they would be the last team claimed, I believe the Orange Bowl has the last pick this year, they will likely be headed to the Orange Bowl to play the ACC Champion, possibly Florida State.
That’s assuming FSU knocks out Georgia Tech.
But could you have a worse Orange Bowl than FSU vs. Kent State.
Bring on the playoffs…and hurry!

Miami Dolphins:
So the Dolphins snap the losing streak and get a nice win at the end of regulation against a very good Seattle Seahawks team.
I’m sold on Tannehill as he continues to develop, but don’t be surprised if he struggles next season with a sophomore slump.
Teams didn’t have a lot of film on him to start the year, now they do, and will make adjustments.
His job is adjust to the adjustments to make himself that much better.
Still, he was great on the game-winning drive and cut down on his turnovers yesterday.
Can you imagine how good he’d be with a game-changing receiver?
Now, the bigger questions are what about Reggie Bush and Jake Long.
If Long wants the biggest contract ever for a left tackle, I let him walk.
His injury history and recent play isn’t enough to justify that.
If he wants top five money, I consider paying him that.
As for Bush, same concept.
He’s not a top back and shouldn’t be paid like one. He’s getting up there in years for a running back and that means a decline is coming fast.
Of course when your options are a vastly overrated Daniel Thomas and Lamar Miller, they may pay a little more than they should for Bush.
Don’t expect to see Randy Starks back as he’s going to cash in on his big season.
Still, the Fins should return most of their defense and assuming they can get a good contract for Long, they should have most of the offense back.
All they’re missing right now is a good tight end who can block and catch and a game-changing receiver.
But, all is not lost for this year yet…
The Fins are 5-6 on the season and are 3 games behind the Patriots in the AFC East and one game ahead of the Jets and Bills.
It makes that Bills loss sting even more.
The Fins are one game behind the Bengals and Steelers for the final wildcard spot.
Hey, stranger things have happened in this town!

Miami Heat: (off until Thursday)
The Miami Heat…yeah, just don’t play them at home.
I mean seriously, they’re just too good inside the AAA.
One thing I’ve noticed, and so did, is what happened to Rashard Lewis.
He went from being a heavy minutes guy to not in the rotation with the return of Mike Miller and Wade.
My guess is Spoelstra is just toying with the lineups to see what all he has as the regular season moves on.
What he has right now is arguably the best team in the NBA, though New York fans would swear it’s the Knicks.
Course remember, New York fans still swear by the Jets too.


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