MIAMI GARDENS (CBS4) – It was nearly the end of the third quarter with the Miami Dolphins driving when the game came to a wet halt.

“They said no rain in the forecast,” the announcer said on television.

It was not exactly the heavens opening up, but rather Sun Life Stadium’s sprinkler system. Referees took off while some of the players cooled off in the water.

“That’s going to be officially a gardener’s time out,” the announcer said as fans in the stadium laughed. Even Dolphins head coach Joe Philban found he whole ordeal humorous. After about a minute it was over and the game resumed.

“Ah man that was the funniest thing ever. Never seen that happen before at this level. High school maybe but on this level,” Dolphins linebacker Karlos Dansby said after the game.

Running back Reggie Bush couldn’t believe it either.

“In all my years of football that’s a first one. I’ve never seen that one in a football game. It kind of reminded me of the whole 18th hole trick, where you send the rookie out there at 9pm and the sprinklers come on and he gets all wet,” Bush said.

Some people said it actually reminded them of a Buffalo Wild Wings restaurant commercial. In the ad fans are looking to extend a game and a bartender order up a few sprinkler stunts with a push of the button. The camera cuts away to a groundskeeper in St. Louis who pushes buttons that launch sprinklers on the field. Players start tripping and missing tackles as a player ties up the game forcing overtime.

CBS4’s David Sutta went to investigate at the Dolphin Mall. Buffalo Wild Wings bartender Danielle Hernandez owned up to it.

“Yes, I pushed the button,” she said.

Hernandez, a Dolphins fan, was actually just as surprised as the players.

“I think that’s crazy,” Hernandez said. “I didn’t think that that would really actually happen. Maybe they did it on purpose because they saw the commercial.”

Perhaps the Dolphins were trying to make the Seattle Seahawks more at home. After all Seattle is one of one of the rainiest cities in America.

The Dolphins though maintained Monday it was just a computer glitch. The sprinklers were set on Saturday’s schedule even though it was Sunday.

When pressed about where the button was Hernandez didn’t budge; “It’s a top secret button. You can’t know where the button is unless you work here.”

A long time Dolphin’s employee of 24 years told CBS4 he’s never seen this before and hopes he never will again.

With the New England Patriots headed into town though this weekend some Dolphin fans though may not mind if a few buttons are pressed, in their favor of course.


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