Big Story:
Sorry for no agendas lately, the election has had me tied up as that’s my other specialty. The Dolphins continue preps for the Titans on Sunday. The Lakers are ready to hit the panic button. The Heat are just too dadgum good at home. My college football picks for the week. And I introduce a new feature to the agenda for some humor.

Quote of the Day:
“The world is a dangerous place to live; not because of the people who are evil, but because of the people who don’t do anything about it.” – Albert Einstein

The Dolphins made news yesterday with a small move that could have big reverberations on the season.
The Fins placed Richard Marshall, cornerback, on injured reserve, meaning he’s out for the season.
Let’s just put it out there like it is, since he went out with injury, the Fins’ secondary has been lit up like a Christmas tree.
True, they have no pass rush beyond Cameron Wake, but still, 430+ yards to a rookie quarterback in a loss?
Now the Fins are rumored to be interested in Stanford Routt, cornerback, last of the Kansas City Chiefs.
Think about that for a second….
The Fins are considering adding a cornerback who was so bad and overpaid he was cut midseason by the worst team in the league.
Again, yikes.
Routt has been a starter for the Raiders and Chiefs, but again, he was cut by the Chiefs….that’s like a show being cut by NBC and being considered a great pickup for another network. (sorry, couldn’t resist)
We’ll see what the Dolphins do in the next day or so on that front.
The other question going forward?
Can Jake Long do enough to justify a massive contract extension…I’m not sure at this point, but I wouldn’t make him the richest tackle in the game, I know that.

L.A. Lakers:
Well, the Lakers are supposed to be the biggest contenders to the Heat this year.
Yeah…about that.
They got skunked by the Utah Jazz last night and are without Steve Nash for awhile.
Now, Lakers owner Jim Buss gave coach Mike Brown the dreaded “vote of confidence.”
Ruh-roh Shaggy.
Look, the Lakers have the talent, but it’s going to be a growing process for them.
Remember, outside of Dwight Howard, the rest of their stars are getting up there in basketball years.
Kobe’s getting up there, Nash is Methusaleh, and even Gasol is getting up there.
They’re all fairly set in their ways and just because they’re all on the same team doesn’t meant they will mesh well together.
Remember, the genius of what Riley did with the Heat was that all of the Big Three were completely unselfish.
They pass the ball almost too much in the beginning and deferred too much to each other.
Tell me, when was the last time someone said Kobe was unselfish on the basketball court?
All that said, look, it’s very early in the season. VERY EARLY.
Remember the Heat struggled in their first month or two together in the regular season.
Turned out pretty well for them huh?
Course there’s a big difference between having Pat Riley as your team’s chief and bouncing ideas off of him versus having Jim Buss.
Advantage, Miami.

Miami Heat:
Speaking of the Heat.
I watched last night’s Brooklyn Nets vs. Miami Heat game and only one word came into my head.
When you’re running up the score so much that LeBron barely plays 30 minutes against a team that was supposed to be a contender, that’s not good for the rest of the league.
Seriously, at times I thought the Heat could have beaten them by 50 if they really tried.
The best part of the game was holding the Nets to just 73 points and 14% behind the 3-point line.
Defense baby, defense.
Of course the Heat are using a phenomenal offense as a good defense as well.
And being able to limit Bosh, Wade, and James’ minutes in the early part of the season…that’s always a good thing.
The best news from last night’s game?
The bench scored 36 points.
When the bench is pouring it on like that and the Big Three are free to roam and penetrate and do their thing….this team is, well, unstoppable in my opinion.

College Football:
Well, at least Mizzou didn’t get blown out of the swamp last weekend.
Let’s face it, they were a couple of plays away from beating Florida.
Maybe next year…kinda like FSU.
I hate that the Noles laid such an egg at NC State because I think they are built to hang with Alabama.
Think about it.
Mobile quarterback, physical running game, great defensive line, solid linebackers, a good secondary.
That’s the formula to beat Bama.
But, unless Bama chokes away a game, not likely, FSU won’t be near them in the national championship race.
And no, right now, I don’t think Oregon can hang with Bama if Saban gets a month to prepare for the Oregon spread.
Anyways, let’s get to the picks:
FSU over Virginia Tech
South Carolina over Arkansas
Miami over Virginia
Tennessee over Missouri
Arizona State over USC
Arizona over Colorado
Oklahoma over Baylor
Georgia over Auburn
LSU over Mississippi State
Oregon over California
West Virginia over Oklahoma State
Washington over Utah
Alabama over Texas A&M


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