The Election’s Over…Except For SOMI Somerset Students

SOUTH MIAMI (CBSMiami) – The presidential election may be over but at SOMI Somerset Academy it is still going strong.

“Yesturday everybody was saying who is going to be president oh man I want another election and it’s actually at school”  said 9 year old Lukas Bleichner.

Lukas, along with Gaby Spezale, Cecilia Minoso and Ana Maria Penalvar, is running for president and vice president of student council and it is a position they are taking very seriously.

“I think it’s pretty awesome because it’s sort of like running for president of the United States,” said Gaby Spezale, a candidate for student council president.

Walking down the halls of SOMI, it is hard to miss the candidates’ posters and campaign slogans. It’s an exciting time for the student body, who has the opportunity to experience its own election while witnessing history in the making.

“I am going to remember this in the future running for president while they were running for president of the United States,” said Cecilia Minoso, who is also a candidate for student council president.

While President Obama and rival Govenor Mitt Romney stumped for votes, SOMI’s young future leaders took notes and used some of their strategies in their own campaigns. “In my speech I would say ‘I’m Lukas Bleichner and I approve this message’” said Lukas.

Teacher Gaby Blanco said having her students experience their own election teaches them the importance of voting…and that it’s an important part of growing up.

The student council election will be held on Thursday.

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