Big Story:
The Dolphins took the Jets to school yesterday and beat them like a government mule. The University of Miami came out with a win against the Bye (just kidding). Alabama is that good. Florida, not so much. Duke’s bubble burst. All that and more in the agenda.

Quote of the Day:
“God gave us the gift of life; it is up to us to give ourselves the gift of living well.” – Voltaire

But first a quick rant….
Went to the new BJ’s Brewhouse & Restaurant in Doral Saturday evening. Thought it would be pretty good, heard good things. Ordered their hand-tossed pizza to give it a shot. They bring the deep dish to the table after about 25 minutes. We sent it back, 35 minutes later, still waiting for food. Finally just gave up. One thing I noticed, they had 15 waiters running and standing around, but obviously needed more cooks! Scratch that one from your list.

Miami Dolphins:
The Fins just whipped the Jets like they were in a blender yesterday.
It was a total victory for the Fins in all three phases of the game.
Offense played well, even without starting quarterback Ryan Tannehill.
The defense played well and only gave up a garbage time touchdown.
The special teams scored as well and held the Jets down.
Um, yeah, I don’t have much more than that after such an impressive win.
Tannehill reportedly has a bruised quad, so hopefully he’ll be back next week.
It does provide an interesting dilemma for the Fins with Matt Moore.
He’s a solid backup, and could start for a number of teams, and is invaluable for the Fins, as proven yesterday.
He’ll likely be gone at the end of the year, but until then, he’s a nice ace to have in your back pocket for insurance for Tannehill.
Nice to see Daniel Thomas show up yesterday too.
Oh yeah, I think Tebow time has finally arrived for the Jets.
If not, then I think Mr. Rex Ryan will be shown the door by Woody Johnson.
See, the Jets tease you at the beginning of the season with a huge offensive performance.
But let’s face it, this is a bad offensive team with a horrible offensive coordinator (Tony Sparano).
One day, teams will figure out Sparano isn’t a good head coach or offensive coordinator. Maybe he’s good with the offensive line alone, but even that’s been abysmal on the last two teams he’s coached.
Of course having bad quarterbacks doesn’t help either. But do the Jets honestly think he’s smart enough to construct an offense Tebow can succeed in?
Yeah, me either.

College Football:
If anyone still thinks Alabama is not number one, get in your car, accelerate to 65 miles per hour, and then run into a wall.
That’s kind of what it’s like to play the Crimson Tide this year.
Now, we’ll find out more about Alabama this weekend when they play LSU, but honestly, if Alabama comes to play, LSU doesn’t stand a chance.
As it is, I’ll take Alabama by a touchdown on Saturday.
Some quick hits around the country….
Poor FIU, they played well and still lost on Saturday against Western Kentucky dropping their record to 1-8. Guess Cristobal won’t be on any hot coaching lists this year.
USuCk couldn’t beat Arizona…who exactly thought they were the number one team again…other than ESPN who still tries to push them?
Derek Dooley at Tennessee is likely to be fired.
I don’t see how Auburn’s Gene Chizik makes it through the week after that display of giving up 42 points in the first half?!?!?!
Course Auburn deserves it because they knew what they were getting in Chizik…a bad coach at Iowa State who won with Cam Newton and can’t win with anyone else. How he ever got that Auburn job in the first place with his record at Iowa State still baffles me.
Thoughts and prayers with Marcus Lattimore…by far, the most gruesome injury I’ve seen since Joe Theismann and Napoleon Kaufmann.
Such a horrible thing too because he’s a good kid and a good ambassador for football.
Happy trails….
To Florida’s BCS Championship dreams
Ditto for Oregon State
And Mississippi State
To Colorado’s, well, everything because they are just awful
To Oklahoma’s championship hopes
To Duke if they have to play FSU again in the ACC Championship
To Ohio’s perfect record, ditto Rutgers
Still searching for…
Missouri’s offense
Wisconsin’s running game
Texas’ defense
Florida’s offense
Texas Tech’s defense

Miami Heat/NBA:
It’s not exactly a Miami Heat story, but something Heat fans should pay attention to…
The Oklahoma City Thunder traded James Harden to the Houston Rockets for Kevin Martin, Jeremy Lamb, and future draft considerations.
Or as I said when I first heard about it….SAY WHAT?!?!
I thought something might be in the works when news leaked that Harden wasn’t happy with the Thunder’s offer of an extension.
He thought he deserved more than the $52 million extension the Thunder offered him and wanted a max contract.
The Thunder were looking to save some cash…because they paid too much for Kendrick Perkins.
Bet they’d like to have that deal back after Perkins was abused by Bosh during the Finals.
The Thunder could’ve amnestied Perkins and used the money to pay Harden, if he had wanted to stay.
But make no mistake, unless Perry Jones III is the real deal…not exactly a lock…then the Thunder got considerably weaker, at least on paper.
The Thunder didn’t want to pay the luxury tax, not that I can blame them.
But when you have to sacrifice like that, when the Lakers just got that good in the offseason…yikes.
Looks like the Lakers road to the Finals just got a little easier.
Start making your L.A. reservations soon Heat fans.

Yeah, no movement, no negotiations, no hockey, lots of greed.
Sounds about right in today’s society.
You’d think they’d have learned by now, but obviously hockey owners just don’t get it in this country.
Poor Canada…the only sport up there…now they have to watch the CFL.

That’s it for today.
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