Big Story:
Lots to talk about today from the college football picks to hockey lockout to the hapless Marlins. Let’s jump in and get this agenda rolling.

Quote of the Day:
“You cannot escape the responsibility of tomorrow by evading It today.” – Abraham Lincoln

We’ll start off with the worst franchise in professional sports, the Miami Marlins.
The laughing stock of MLB. The hapless, pathetic, ignorant, Marlins.
They capped off their miserable 2012 season by firing manager Ozzie Guillen on Monday.
Yeah, because the whole disaster that is the Marlins is all his fault.
What about Larry Beinfest and David Samson.
How many stars have they produced with consistently high draft picks?
How many stars have they signed that produced for the Marlins? Or re-signed?
But you won’t see those guys falling on the sword, well Beinfest might eventually, but not soon.
No, the problem with this team lies in the heart and mind of just one person….Jeffrey Loria.
Yknow, when you make Dan Snyder and Frank McCourt look like a smart pro sports team owners, you’ve really done something.
Seriously, I sometimes wonder how someone like Loria made their money.
He has no idea how to run a baseball team and he’s proven it twice!
He ran the Montreal Expos into the ground and has done the same thing with the Miami Marlins.
He hires bad people, trades All-Stars to keep from having to pay them, and changes managers like people change socks.
Unfortunately, we can’t fire his dumb….well, you can figure out the rest there.
No, we’re stuck with Loria and his cheapskate ways for the foreseeable future.
There’s virtually no way for fans to make Loria sell the team, unfortunately, so we’re stuck with his cheap ways.
I wish Marlins fans I could tell you that it will get better, but with this first-class group of yahoo’s running this team, it’s not.

The Heat lost to the Wizards last night, but watching the team get the starting five back on the floor is a good thing.
Yknow, I watched the first quarter last night and literally thought the Heat were just toying with the Wizards.
It was frankly quite disturbing to watch if you’re Heat opponents.
I’m telling you, if this team, specifically Ray Allen, Shane Battier, Mike Miller, and Mario Chalmers can hit long-range shots…no one can stop the Heat.
Who’s ready for a Heat-peat this year?

Speaking of moronic owners, the NHL is ready to shoot itself in the head again and cancel an entire season.
The owners continue to lockout the players and are not backing down from their demands.
The players want their current contracts the owners signed honored under a new collective bargaining agreement with some other tweaks.
The owners said no and then tried to do an end-around the NHLPA by giving owners/teams the ability to talk directly to players last week.
That sparked distrust, bad feelings, and anger amongst the union and that’s just what you need when trying to negotiate.
The players asked for a new bargaining session and the NHL said if they’re not working from the NHL’s framework, there’s nothing to discuss.
So let’s put this in perspective shall we:
A league that’s not even considered on the level of college basketball in America is willing to cancel its second season in as many years over how to split up more than $3 billion in revenue. The same league that has been forgotten by broadcast sports. And they think it’s wise to do this again why?
That $3 billion will start to shrink really quickly soon and that means both sides will want more concessions.
In other words, don’t expect to see NHL hockey anytime soon.

College Football:
Ah yes, it’s Thursday; that means it’s time for some college football picks.
Lots of good games this weekend, with the headliner probably being Notre Dame at Oklahoma.
I’m not really an Oklahoma fan, but in this case, I’ll definitely be saying “Boomer Sooner!”
Without further adieu, here’s your picks of the week:
Clemson over Wake Forest
Kentucky over Missouri (I told ya I wouldn’t pick Missouri again, even though that hurts my soul)
Texas over Kansas
South Carolina over Tennessee
Ole Miss over Arkansas
Florida State over Duke (kinda odd that both of those teams lead their respective divisions in the ACC)
Florida over Georgia
Wisconsin over Michigan State
TCU over Oklahoma State
Texas Tech over K-State
Ohio State over Penn State
Texas A&M over Auburn
Nebraska over Michigan
Alabama over Mississippi State
Oklahoma over Notre Dame
Oregon State over Washington
Western Kentucky over FIU
Troy over FAU

That’s it for today, hope you’re having a great week!
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