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MIAMI (CBS4 ) – Do you believe in flying saucers?  Are you one of those who think you’ve seen one?

Well, now you’ll have to believe, but the ones I’m going to show you never had aliens inside.

Recently declassified documents, images and schematics like these, show that at the same time the U.S. Air Force was denying the existence of UFO’s in the fifties, it was also secretly trying to build its own supersonic flying saucer.

This is what the Avrocar, built for the Air Force by a Canadian company, looked like.

The plan was for a circular craft that could take off and land vertically, reach a top speed of Mach 4 and fly as high as a thousand miles.

But, despite years of work, the closest they got was to an aircraft that only got three feet off the ground, flew only thirty five miles an hour and was almost impossible to control.

Does this disprove conspiracy theories that the U.S. government had captured alien aircraft?

As they liked to say in “The X-Files,” the truth is out there… but if the U.S. had access to alien technology, why in the world would they outsource building the flying saucer to Canada?


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