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GAINESVILLE (CBS4) – It’s day 10 as hundreds of people comb wooded sections around Gainesville looking for any clues in the disappearance of 18-year old Christian Aguilar.

On Saturday, Aguilar’s best friend Pedro Bravo made his first court appearance. He remained expressionless before the judge dressed in an odd jail uniform because he’s on suicide watch. Even without a body, prosecutors felt they have enough evidence to charge Bravo with first degree premeditated murder in Aguilar’s death.

Bravo’s been very quiet since his arrest, no longer speaking to police or Aguilar’s family who was desperately hoping he would tell them where Christian’s body is.

“Does Pedro have knowledge that could help police find Christian,” CBS4’s Ted Scouten asked Bravo’s attorney Ron Kozlowski.

“Those are attorney client privileged issues and I’m not going to discuss any way shape or form what we’ve talked about with Pedro,” replied Kozlowski.

Also on Saturday, police released new details of their investigation. The day after Aguilar disappeared, police said Bravo told several stories of how he supposedly beat Christian, finally saying he was on top of him punching him for 10 to 15 minutes until he was unconscious and barely breathing. Detectives don’t know if that’s true, but they said a search found crucial evidence inside Bravo’s Chevy Blazer.

“We did find areas that tested positive for blood in many locations in Pedro Bravo’s vehicle,” said Gainesville police spokesman Ben Tobias.

Police are checking to see if that blood belongs to Christian. Police also told us the found Aguilar’s backpack hidden in Bravo’s bedroom.

“Our investigators later found the back pack belonging to Christian Aguilar hidden inside a suitcase inside Pedro bravos closet,” said Tobias.

“Wow, it was hidden inside a suitcase in his closet,” said Bravo’s roommate Erik Skipper.

Skipper said he thinks it’s odd that his former roommate is now charged with murder and is on suicide watch.

“It seems almost like he’s oddly and a little smugly at peace with that he did,” said Skipper. “He’s just, he’s not talking, he seems confident that he accomplished, if he did it.”

Court records reveal that police recovered surveillance video showing Bravo purchasing a shovel and duct tape on Sep. 16, four days prior to Aguilar’s disappearance.

CBS4’s Ted Scouten is in Gainesville. We will update this developing story with new information as it becomes available.


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