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MIAMI (CBSMiami) — Lovebugs.

The name sounds cute, but the bizarre insects are anything but when they bombard your car on the highway or when they get in your hair or crawl all over your body.

USA Today says the prolific pests are at their worst this year in Gulf States, including Florida, because of this year’s wet hot and humid conditions.

They’re not too bad in Miami-Dade, but once you start driving north, by the time you hit Palm Beach County, watch out…  thousands of the acidic bugs will mess up your windshields, headlights and radiator grilles.

These very odd bugs mate in flight for hours, with one bug flying forward, the other backward.

They’re so strange, people believe the urban legend that they’re synthetic, the result of a University of Florida experiment gone wrong.

They don’t bite but they’ll damage your car’s paint job if not washed off quickly, so don’t confuse them with their Hollywood namesake, Herbie, the much more loveable, Lovebug.

I just spent a weekend dodging lovebugs in Central Florida, washing their disgusting remains off my car over and over.

I’m not feeling the love… let’s hope they don’t start swarming down here.


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