MIAMI (CBS4) – Scientists, including a team from Boca’s Florida Atlantic University, are claiming a rare discovery: a new species of monkey that lives in remote forests of the Democratic Republic of Congo.

Called the Lesula by Congolese, it’s only the second species of monkey discovered in almost three decades.

It has large almost human-like eyes, a pink face, a golden mane and blue buttocks.

At first, scientists thought it could be a type of owl-faced monkey, but they’ve determined the Lesula is its own species. points out there’s something familiar about the Lesula, looking a lot like Jake Gylenhaal, David Schwimmer, the Mona Lisa or even that recent botched restoration of a painting in Spain.

With it’s big, close-together eyes, I think it looks a lot like a Sesame Street character.  Its friendly face will surely make it a favorite of kids.  And the Lesula is proof again of how much is left to discover on our wondrous planet.


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