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KEY WEST (CBS4) – With stacks of bottled water in her garage, Thereasa Bowens is ready if Isaac moves her way, through her Florida City neighborhood.

“We have water, we have bleach, we have snacks for the kids, noodles,” she points out.  And in the kitchen, when she opens up the cabinet, it’s packed.  “My items inside the cabinets canned good, peanut butter.”

“So you are ready?” asked CBS 4’s Ted Scouten,  “I’m ready,” said said, “I hope I got everything I need by the end of the day.”

And she’s  partially ready outside –with some of her storm panels up.  “When did you decide to put them up?” asked Scouten,  ” like three or four days ago,” Bowens responded.

Many of Thereasa’s neighbors are geared up too. Laquanda Ellis puts some of her shutters up right when hurricane season begins.

“We just put them up in the month of June so when a hurricane, if theycome or if they don’t come they’re already be up so we don’t have to worry about it, rush to put them up,” said Ellis.

Most people in this South Dade neighborhood remember Andrew…and the devastation it brought.  Laquanda’a family lost their home, but learned a painful lesson.  “That was a warning, that we would never be unprepared again. ”

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