MIAMI (CBS4) – The bomb squad descended on Miami International Airport Wednesday night after a suspicious package was discovered in one of the terminals.

The bag alerted an airport dog  and after three hours,  Miami Dade Police found out what was inside.

“We found clothing and personal items,” said Miami-Dade Police Det. Roy Rutland.  “At this point, we’re hoping to get MIA back together and passengers back to normal.”

Police found the owner of the bag, a woman who flew Atlanta.  When she spoke to investigators  she confirmed, the bag was filled with nothing more than her clothes.

That apparent mistake caused police to shut down the H concourse, evacuate 500 people and leave tired passengers waiting to collect their luggage.

Isabelle Kepp was one of them, she just arrived from Germany.

“After 24 hours of traveling ya, it’s very frustrating, annoying,” said Kepp.

Police will speak to the woman, but say at this point, it does not appear she intended to cause the scare.


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