Something Extra: Harry, Harry, Harry

MIAMI (CBS4) – Ay ay ay.  Oy vey.  Ooh la la.

I seem to need a foreign language to politely express my reaction to Prince Harry’s latest escapade.

“Oh my” just doesn’t cut it.

Harry’s “wild child” reputation had faded after his well-received stint as an ambassador to the Caribbean for the Queen’s diamond jubilee, his military service in Afghanistan and his dignified presence during last year’s royal wedding and this year’s Olympics.

But now the good stuff is what’s fading after the Party Prince was caught with his pants down… literally.  Yes, that’s the man who’s third in line to the British throne  giving new meaning to putting the crown jewels on display.

It happened in Vegas, but didn’t stay there.

The nude pictures of the Prince and at least one young woman were taken in his suite at the Wynn Hotel where Harry and friends played strip pool with women they met in a bar

Little comment so far from Buckingham Palace, but he may be reprimanded by his commanding officer

What was he thinking?  He probably wasn’t.

The lesson for Harry and the rest of us is that everyone now has a camera in their pocket and countless ways to send embarrassing pictures around the world in seconds.

Unfortunately, privacy is dead.

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