Miami City Ballerina Dancing Through Pregnancy

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MIAMI (CBS4) –  Oh, to watch the Miami City Ballet dancers in rehearsal. They are so graceful, so effortless, so…pregnant?

It doesn’t take much to spot principal dancer Jennifer Kronenberg. She’s the one with the belly, a six months pregnant belly, that is.

“I feel great. It makes me feel better to move around,” said Kronenberg.

Kronenberg is doing a lot of moving around and so is her belly, or at least something inside of it. She told CBS4’s Cynthia Demos she’s not missing a beat.

Finding the father of Kronenberg’s little one wasn’t hard. Carlos Guerra is also in the company, and is Jennifer’s husband of six years.

“I get worried.. she’ll trip or fall or something,” said Guerra.

He said he watches her closely and will continue to do so during all her pregnancies, kidding that he’d like five kids.

Jennifer will be out at the beginning of the season which starts in October but hopes to be back by for the end of the season in the spring.

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