FORT LAUDERDALE (CBS4) – Both Democratic candidates for Broward County Sheriff have at least 30 years or more as cops and each has made their way up the ladder.

“I started off a as a patrolman in 1979 in Fort Lauderdale,” said Scott Israel.

He worked his way through the Fort Lauderdale Police Department. Eventually, he was named Police Chief in North Bay Village, and went on to become Police Chief of the Year in Miami Dade County.

“I started with the Hollywood Police Department at 18-years-old,” boasted Louis Granteed.

After making his way through most positions in the department, Granteed ended up at Assistant Police Chief before retiring. Granteed said his years of policing and administrative skills qualify him to manage BSO’s $650 million dollar budget and nearly 6000 employees.

“The one thing I definitely want to do is a new strategic plan for the Broward Sheriff’s Office that includes a mission for the Broward Sheriff’s Office,” said Granteed. He continued, “create a diversity plan, create new core values and principles for the agency, create a financial responsibility plan, create a budget plan.”

Israel wants a change of culture at BSO, along with more diversity and to look for ways to keep kids out of jail. One plan is looking at a civil citation program for first time offenders.

“It’s something that doesn’t go on the record,” explained Isreal, “so that if a juvenile stays out of trouble; this is something that can’t hurt them in the job market or the military or going into police work. You don’t ruin a child’s life because they made one mistake.”

Granteed’s plan for kids is more community involvement with crime prevention and alternative programs to keep kids out of the juvenile justice system.

The winner of the August 14 Democratic primary goes on to face the current sheriff, Republican Al Lamberti, in the November 6th general election.


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