Unruly Passenger Taken Into Custody At MIA

MIAMI (CBSMiami) – An early morning international flight to South Florida ended with a man in custody following an altercation on board the plane.

While in flight from Sao Paulo, Brazil to Miami, an unruly passenger on board American Airlines flight 998 forced the pilot to contact local and federal authorities. Police and the FBI were waiting at the gate when the air craft arrived in Miami just after 6:30 a.m.

“He was very rude with the flight attendants,” said passenger Carla Braga.

“I saw this guy screaming,” described passenger Fabio de Carlis.

Passengers on board the flight said the problematic passenger was sitting in business class with his wife while his children were seated in economy.

“I saw him taking the kid to first class many times,” explained Braga.

Passengers said the father insisted on having two of his children seated on his lap in business class, even though they had seats in economy.

Passengers said a flight attendant tried to tell the man that wasn’t allowed and some sort of argument ensued.

passengers said the man then shoved the flight attendant.

“That he pushed her, he did that something like that,” said passenger Rachel Jordan.

“It was crazy,” said de Carlos.

According to passengers, the problem started just after takeoff and didn’t stop until hours later when police boarded the aircraft in Miami.

American Airlines issued a statement shortly after the man was taken into custody.

“On American Airlines flight 998 from Sao Paulo to Miami on July 17, 2012, there was an altercation between a passenger and a flight attendant. The aircraft had 223 passengers and a crew of 14. Police are investigating.”

According to the FBI, the man involved in the altercation has not been arrested.


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