MIAMI (CBS4) – And you thought we had issues with our politicians here in South Florida?

How about one who will only drink water out of wineglasses with a touch of catnip added?

That’s what this finicky feline named Stubbs insists on.

Believe it or not he is the mayor of Talkeetna in Alaska.

He was elected fifteen years ago as a write-in candidate, because the nine hundred or so residents  weren’t thrilled with the human options.

Even though Mayor Stubbs is very demanding and takes long naps, he’s become growingly popular and a tourist attraction in what is one of the funkiest towns in America.

Talkeetna serves as the jump-off point for climbers foolhardy enough to challenge Denali… Mount McKinley.

The very rural, rustic town is full of bohemian, peculiar characters.  I guess you have to be, to live in the boonies of Alaska.

All of that inspired the hit nineties TV show “Northern Exposure.”  But even in that eccentric program they didn’t imagine having a cat as mayor.

Given how unpopular most politicians are these days, they better watch out.  Mayor Stubbs might start a trend.



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