Feds Pay Over $5 Mil In Aid To Debby Victims

ATLANTA (CBSMiami) – Requests for help continue to pour in to the feds from victims of tropical storm Debby after the storm caused flooding and other damage across the northern part of Florida. FEMA said more than $5 million in aid has already been paid.

FEMA, The Federal Emergency Management Agency, said so far 3500 requests for aid or information have been processed, including many people forced from their homes by Debby’s flooding rains.

The agency has completed 1,715 home inspections, the first step in approving aid requests, and said 932 households were approved for federal grants to help with temporary rentals and personal property loss as of Monday.

Much of the damage to homes was caused by flooding, which is not covered by standard homeowners insurance, meaning traditional sources of help are closed to people without federal flood insurance.

Other forms of disaster assistance are available through the American Red Cross, Salvation Army and Small Business Administration.


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