FT. LAUDERDALE (CBS4) – The city of Fort Lauderdale held its a annual Fourth of July Spectacular on the beach Wednesday.

And from the sunshine to the sand, the food to the fireworks, it was a picture perfect day.

“You don’t ever see this beach like it is today,” said Nemo, choosing not to provide his last name. “You had families, people from all walks of life, from all over the world here and it’s one big happy party.”

A party that thousands enjoyed.

Like Shawn and Jackie Brown who cooked a feast for out of town family members to enjoy.

“If we don’t see each other any other time we see each other on these holidays,” said Jackie.

Others, like Sylvia Blanco, said they feel fortunate to have freedoms in the United States that others across the world do not.

“We have parents who came from Cuba when Fidel went into power so just having our freedom here (is cause for celebration),” she said.

The city of Fort Lauderdale closed parts of A1A for an outdoor party. People shopped, ate, listened to music and enjoyed the sights.

“We’re having a great time,” said Melissa Hay, a recent transplant to Fort Lauderdale. “It’s a wonderful way to spend the holiday.”

The only complaints focused on parking and traffic. For most of the afternoon, cars moved at a snails pace searching for an elusive parking spot. Some complained that private parking spots were costly — $30 and up.

But it seemed a minor inconvenience for the thousands who shared in the celebration.

By nightfall, anticipation grew for the fireworks show.

As the first fireworks exploded in the air, 8-year-old Adrian Ospina could not get enough.

“They’re so beautiful and so awesome,” she said.

Young kids sat perched on their parent’s shoulders, other people relaxed in chairs staring at the show.

It was a fitting and colorful end to a memorable day.


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