Something Extra: Shameless Stereotypes

MIAMI (CBS4) – What makes a city manly?

A study sponsored by Mars Chocolate focuses on the stereotypes.

To be manly, a city needs to have lots of home improvement stores, steak houses, NASCAR enthusiasts what they call “manly” occupations, mostly hunting and fishing.

Give me a break.

The least manly cities are determined by having a lot of what the study calls “girly” factors”: nail salons and boutiques.

The most manly city?  You’re not going to like this: it’s Oklahoma City, because, quote: “from its stellar hoops team to its love of pickup trucks, Oklahoma City exemplifies the best of being a man.”

As they used to say in the 80s, gag me with a spoon.

Miami was thirty six out of fifty, up eight spots from last year.

Let’s hope LeBron and company show OKC who’s really manly.

Stereotypically, the top twenty are in the south, midwest or south central parts of the country.

Despite the Terminator and Rambo, California cities fared terribly: four were in the bottom five, with San Diego last.

NASCAR, Home Depot, pickup trucks, steak… I’m especially fond of the latter, but does all that make a city or a guy manly?  And, do we really care?

Go Heat.

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