MIAMI (CBSMiami) – Skid marks lead up to the spot where a police pursuit ended and a foot chase began. It happened Wednesday evening at the intersection of NW 5th Ave. and 59th Street in Little Haiti.

Investigators said the guy behind the wheel of the car was driving erratically. Miami Police started a pursuit, but the driver crashed into a parked car.

“The driver of this vehicle does flee on foot,” explained Miami Police Det. Willie Moreno. “There’s a small foot chase between him and the officer, the officer does catch up, there’s a small struggle where the suspect pushes the officer down to the ground.”

That’s when police said the guy took off and began banging on doors. Investigators said when he got to the house right next to the crash scene and tried to barge in through a window he was greeted with the barrel of a gun and a man with good aim.

“One of the residents does wake up and responds to him, ‘No you’re not allowed to come in,'” said Moreno.

Still, the crazed man attempted to enter the home.

“The subject continues to try to break the window, breaks the window and at that time, this resident does discharge his fire arm, fatally killing the subject,” according to Moreno.

No one from the home wanted to speak to the media, but investigators said the key here is that it appears the person who fired the gun was in fear for his life and the well-being of his family.

“You have a barrier. You have locked doors and you have locked windows. So, this is something that this individual inside the home saw it as a threat,” said Moreno.

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