MIAMI (CBS4) – You’ve got to love spellcheck, but it may be making us worse spellers and lazier about editing.

We’ve got to be careful or our typos can really come back to bite us.

The trailer for the new “Great Gatsby” shows how the movie tried to recreate Time Square in the twenties, but failed miserably by misspelling “Ziegfeld.”

Misspellings are especially embarrassing when connected to schools, grammar or spelling itself.

For a while last year, kids in Lauderhill were going to “scohol” not school according to a sign outside the school.

They’re cringing at the University of Texas after publishing a commencement program with a big typo.  Students were surprised to see they were graduating from the school of “pubic” affairs.

Trying to celebrate Denver as the country’s fifth smartest city, a headline meant to ask if the mile-high city was full of brainiacs, not “brianiacs.”  Clearly the brainiacs don’t work at the Denver Daily News.

Another headline says a “Seventh Grader Winds Spelling Bee.”  We can be sure that writer never did.

And there must be real problems with Mississippi’s literacy program if nobody noticed the state’s name in a newspaper headline about that program was missing a syllable.

Of course, there for the grace of God go all of us.  I hope there are no typos in this blog!

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