MIAMI (CBSMiami) – Much like a monsoon, a rain packed weather system hunkered down over west Miami-Dade Tuesday afternoon, dumping nearly 10 inches of rain on West Miami and shattering the old Miami rainfall record. The downpour caused widespread flooding and turned rush hour into a hot mess.

A check of the CBS4 Weather Network showed Miami International Airport they recorded over nine and half inches of rain.

Street flooding was common in Doral and Sweetwater, as cars were first slowed, then stalled, causing major tie-ups. Three hours of rain ended by late afternoon, but that was not enough time for water to recede before rush hour began.

Due to the flooding in the area of Miami Dade College’s (MDC) West Campus located at 3800 NW 115th Avenue in Doral, classes have been cancelled this evening, May 22. The Campus will be open, but no classes will take place. Normal operations will resume in the morning.

Maria Rodriguez came to pick her husband up from work at Sam’s Club but couldn’t get across the street to get him.

“I can’t even go into the parking lot at Sam’s. It’s so full of water and everybody’s stalled and the towing truck is picking up everybody else. It’s horrible,” she said

Tow trucks kept busy as cars stalled and got stuck in the street.  With water over their headlights, drivers struggled to safely navigate flooded roads all over Doral.

Near the Miami-Dade police department, the 25th street canal flooded its banks overflowing the police parking lot.

In Sweetwater, police blocked a number of streets saying the water there was so high it was flooding homes.

Claudia Estrada said this is some of the worst flooding she’s seen.

“This is crazy. This is the most craziness,” she said and described her drive home as “very stressful.”

While many drivers plowed through the deep water, others pulled over to wait out the flooding.  “It is dangerous especially for you car if it’s the only transportation you have,” said Rodriguez, adding, “you have to be very careful with that.”

Slideshow: Rain, Rain Go Away

Around 7 p.m. The National Weather Service posted a Flash Flood Warning until 10:30 p.m. for Metro Miami-Dade.

Stormy weather is expected to continue into Thursday as moisture and unstable air remain over South Florida.

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