MIAMI (CBSMiami) – New polling from Gallup released Monday showed just how closely divided the country is on three main topics that could swing the election to either President Barack Obama or his Republican challenger Mitt Romney.

Gallup focused on the topics of unemployment, health care, and the budget deficit in its most recent survey.

According to Gallup, President Obama is preferred by a 51-44 percent margin over Romney on the issue of health care. On the other hand, Romney beat Obama 54-39 percent on the issue of the budget deficit, according to Gallup’s numbers.

On the final issue of unemployment, the race was a dead heat. Forty-eight percent of voters preferred President Obama’s approach to unemployment, while 47 percent preferred Romney’s approach. The numbers were well within the margin of error, meaning it was a statistical tie.

The takeaway for the Obama administration will be that it has to try to sell the public on his economic record while simultaneously chipping away at Romney’s business record.

For Team Romney, they have to continue their push against health care without overselling repeal of some of the more popular programs such as making it easier for those with pre-existing conditions to get health insurance and being allowed to keep kids on their parents’ policies longer.

It’s a delicate balancing act that both candidates will seek to play out over the next several months as the general election draws near.


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