MIAMI (CBS4) – The judge in the Narcy Novack murder trial has issued a gag order after the defendant made bizarre claims to the media in a jailhouse phone interview.

“I already won because I’m innocent,” Narcy said in a phone interview with News 12 Westchester in New York.

The judge issued the gag order after denying a motion for a mistrial from the attorney for Narcy’s brother, and co-defendant, Cristobal Veliz.

Narcy and Veliz are charged in the brutal murder of her husband, Ben Novack, Jr.

The son of the founder of the famed Fontainebleau Hotel was found beaten to death at the Hilton Hotel in Rye Brook, New York in 2009.

Graphic crime scene photos showed Ben’s hands and legs bound with duct tape and the bed stained with blood.

Narcy and Veliz are accused of hiring hitmen to kill Ben Novack, Jr. in a play for his forture.

But Narcy maintained their innocence in her most recent phone interview.

“I’m going to tell you one thing,” she said. “I know my brother and he is not a criminal. I think someone used him.”

Her brother’s attorney, Lawrence Sheehan, asked for a mistrial, claiming Narcy’s statements hurt her brother’s chance for a fair trial.

The judge denied that motion, but did issue a gag order, calling Narcy’s comment questioning whether her husband was really dead “bizarre”.

Narcy told the interviewer, “I don’t know if these guys are really actual killers or if there is a killer.”

In paperwork sent to the media, Narcy alleges in a handwritten note the medical examiner never got a positive identification on Ben’s fingerprints.

She also claims Rye Brook Police dropped the ball in the initial investigation.

“They are the biggest, most arrogant detectives and they messed up,” Narcy said.

The judge told Narcy if she violates the gag order, she’ll be held in contempt of court.

But it’s still possible we’ll hear more from her. She says she wants to take the stand in her own defense. Her attorneys have not commented on whether Narcy will testify.

The trial is expected to wrap up in mid to late June.


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