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FT. LAUDERDALE (CBSMiami) – Jurors have found Randy Tundidor Sr. guilty in the murder of Nova Southeastern University professor Joseph Morrissey two years ago over a landlord tenant dispute.

Tundidor Sr. was found guilty on all ten felony charges including first-degree murder, two counts of attempted murder, kidnapping, armed robbery and arson.

Outside the courtroom, Linda Morrissey spoke to CBS4’s Joan Murray.

“I am at peace for my son, for myself, for his mom, but by no means is it over,” said Morrissey.

It’s a bittersweet victory for the widow who said the verdict served justice but that the pain of losing her husband and the father of her young child would last forever.

“For us there will never be closure,’’ she said. “This is how we have to live our lives.’’

Morrissey said she wants the world to know that her husband, who went by Joe, was a conscientious father and husband, and a prolific scientific researcher who spent only a short time as an NSU professor.

“It was a horrific experience and for us there will never be closure, we will never get over this and we have to learn to live our lives this way,” she said.

The six man, six woman jury deliberated for about 6 hours on Tuesday and when then returned Wednesday morning, quickly delivered the verdict.

Prosecutors did not have physical evidence placing Tundidor Sr. at the scene of Morrissey’s slaying in his Plantation home in April 2010.

What they did have was testimony from Tundidor Sr.’s son, Randy Jr., who pleaded guilty to a reduced charge of second-degree murder to avoid the death penalty. He admitted to breaking into Morrissey’s home; holding Morrissey and his wife at gun point; binding their hands and feet with plastic zip ties; rummaging their house for valuables; and forcing them to drive to an ATM to withdraw cash.

The jury believed the prosecutor’s case that Tundidor Sr. was outside the house communicating with a walkie-talkie then came into the house, stabbed Morrissey nine times with a hunting knife and then set the house on fire.

Linda Morrissey said she lost everything in this ordeal including her house.

“My husband had no life insurance. We lost our home that we were working so hard for. We don’t have a home. The house got burned and there have been so many issues with the insurance company, it’s just one thing after another.”

In his professional life, Joseph Morrissey conducted scientific research into a variety of topics ranging from leukemia diagnostics and hearing aids, to the effect of cellular phones on the human body, she said.

The jury will come back in September when the panel will decide whether Tundidor Sr. will be sentenced to Death Row or life in prison.


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