TAMARAC  (CBSMiami) – A single mother of three young children tells CBS4 she was terrified by a 19-year-old admitted gang member who reportedly led BSO deputies on a wild two-hour chase and then broke into her apartment through a bedroom window.

“I didn’t know if the guy had a gun or not,” said Samantha Bouie. “I was worried he would do something. I was worried he would do something to my kids. He told me he wanted me to lie down in the bed and he lay down next to me.”

Bouie told CBS4’s Peter D’Oench that it was early Wednesday morning when the suspect, who BSO identified as 19-year-old Dwayne Dwyer, broke into her apartment.

“He flew through the widow,” said Bouie, pointing to the bedroom window at her ground floor apartment at the Madison Apartments in the Franklin Park neighborhood of unincorporated Broward near Fort Lauderdale and Lauderhill.

“I was scared, real scared,” said Bouie. “I have 3 kids. One has epilepsy. The other has asthma. I was scared my one year old son, who sleeping in his crib and my eight-year-old boy Christopher, who just turned 8 today, and my poor 9-year-old daughter, Cristina, who has epilepsy. And I was worried. I live here alone.”

“I thought I was going to die,” she said. “I thought my kids were going to die. Now I find out he’s a 19-year-old kid who’s a member of a gang. I’m kind of shook up. I’m still shook up.”

“Now I can’t open my window because I’m scared he might do it again,” Bouie said. “I’m scared he might do it again. I worry my kids might lose their life. I would like to say I hope he does time. Because what he did was wrong. Nobody should go through this.”

Bouie disputed a portion of a report from BSO that said she allowed Dwyer to take a shower and that he got in bed with her three children.

“That’s incorrect,” she said. “My youngest son sleeps in a crib. My other 2 kids sleep in another room. He just got in bed with me. Nothing happened. He never took a shower. He was there for 10 minutes. I was able to call my cousin and he came by with the deputy.”

“I let them in and he found the guy pretending he was asleep in the bed,” said Bouie.

A BSO report says Dwyer confessed to his crimes and admitted to being a member of the Parkway Goons gang.

“I think I need to think about moving out,” said Bouie. “Fortunately we were not hurt.”

At bond court on Thursday, Broward Circuit Judge Stacy Ross said, “It’s just incredible. “The police report reads like the script of a movie.”

The BSO report says the incident started just after 5 a.m. Wednesday when a deputy spotted Dwyer driving a stolen silver 2005 Toyota Sequoia in the 2700 block of Northwest Ninth Street in Lauderhill. The deputy turned on his lights and siren. Dwyer reportedly took off.

Dwyer then started speeding, driving recklessly and ignoring lane markers and stop signs and driving over and on sidewalks and into front yards and fields and into backyards and even turning off his headlights.

The judge noted that the report said Dwyer even struck a dog and brandished a fake machine gun before stopping his stolen car and fleeing on foot. He reportedly hid on the rood of a mosque, where a police dog pursued him.

The report says that’s when Dwyer jumped off the roof of the mosque and into the apartment complex where Bouie lives.

The deputy in the report called Bouie “an incredible danger to society.”

On Friday, when CBS4 stopped at Dwyer’s family apartment in Fort Lauderdale, his brother and girlfriend refused to speak on camera. But Dwyer’s brother told CBS4 he did not know if he would be able to post the $15,825 bond needed to get his brother out of jail.

Dwyer has a juvenile criminal record. He is charged with grand theft auto, criminal mischief, carrying an electric weapon, resisting an officer, refusing to stop when ordered, driving without headlights, driving without a driver’s license and reckless driving.

He has not been charged with breaking into Bouie’s apartment.

Dwyer was born in Jamaica and has lived in the U.S. for the past nine years.

For the past two years, according to court testimony, he has been a barber, cutting hair at his Fort Lauderdale apartment.


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