MIAMI (CBS4) – Years ago, I read a beautiful story about a mother who left notes for each of her three children when she died.  In the notes, she told each child that he or she was her favorite and that she loved him or her the most.

She may not have discriminated among her kids, but it seems most parents do.

A new study presented today at a meeting of the Population Association of America shows sixty two per cent of today’s young adults have received financial help from their parents.

And the ones described as having more agreeable personalities before age twelve got more money than the others.

But another study in the current issue of the Journal of Adult Development sounds an alarm, finding that kids of parents who covered everything, worked the fewest hours and engaged in the riskiest behaviors.

Those without financial support worked more and avoided risky behavior, but they burned out more, finished school less and ended up with lower salaries.

So, as usual, parents need to figure out what’s best for their kids.

By the way, if my five siblings are watching, I’m my mom’s favorite.


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