MIAMI (CBS4) – Give Tim Tebow a break.

I have very little patience for celebrities who cry crocodile tears about how being famous doesn’t allow them to have normal lives, but who then go out and publicize their every move.  But everyone is entitled to privacy at home and in their bedrooms.

Now, a website that caters to cheaters and adulterers who want to set up affairs, is offering a million dollars to any woman who can prove she has had sex with quarterback Tim Tebow.

As you probably know, Tebow is religious and has said he’s a virgin who is waiting until marriage.

Now, the affair website, which will remain nameless because it doesn’t deserve the publicity it’s obviously seeking, has put out this creepy challenge.

The owner of the company says the new New York Jet won’t be able to resist the Big Apple’s multiple temptations and that quote: “sports, sex and, of course, infidelity, go hand in hand.”

Disgusting? Offensive? Revolting?  Scummy? You name it… it’s hard to understate how foul this million dollar prostitution offer is.

Even if he is a New York Jet now, on this, I’m rooting for Tebow.


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