Whooping Cough Confirmed In Miami-Dade, Monroe Counties

MIAMI (CBSMiami) – More case of whooping cough have been confirmed across South Florida.

The Florida Department of Health reported Wednesday that 15 cases had been reported in Miami-Dade and four cases had been reported in Monroe County. Over the weekend, Broward County’s health department reported four confirmed cases; three school age children and one adult.

The DOH urges parents, childcare workers and healthcare providers to verify the children they care for are properly immunized against pertussis, a respiratory disease more commonly known as whooping cough.

Since January, numerous counties in Florida have seen a spike in whooping cough cases. That’s also in line with outbreaks that have been happening in multiple states across the countries.

Most cases of whooping cough impact children, but adults have also been known to contract the disease. The disease is highly contagious and targets the respiratory system.

Most people develop symptoms of whooping cough in a week to 10 days after being exposed. But, the disease can lie dormant for a long as six weeks before beginning to affect someone.

The symptoms usually begin with cold-like symptoms and can also include a mild cough or fever. After a week or two, severe coughing can begin. The severe coughing fits can be followed by vomiting.

Whooping cough is the most dangerous for babies. In an infant, the cough can be minimal or not present, but the disease can cause babies to stop breathing. The disease is treated with antibiotics.
Whooping cough vaccines are given to adults when requested and are part of the normal vaccines children get. You can still get the disease even if you are vaccinated, but the infection is usually much less severe.


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