“Fifty Shades Of Grey” Turning Women Red

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MIAMI (CBS4) – It’s the book that is sweeping the nation, with admirers calling the tome “Mommy Porn.”

“Fifty Shades of Grey,” the first of a trilogy by novice writer E.L. James has even the most conservative women blushing.

At a recent women’s book club in Miami, the group discussed the book.

“I think they call it erotica,” book club member Andee Holland. “This is our first sexual book, and I’ve enjoyed it. It’s filled with a lot of things, not only sex but yes, it’s filled to the rim with sex.”

The book centers on Anastasia Steel, a naive college student who is  seduced by a rich and powerful entrepreneur named Christian Grey. Grey tries to persuade Steele to allow complete control over her life, in and out of the bedroom. It’s the dominant man over the submissive woman, and believe it or not, women are liking that concept.

“What is it about this books that’s grabbing women all over the country? “ said CBS4’s Lisa Petrillo.

“I think it’s the fantasy, because it’s not what  our normal lives are. At least I’m not that adventurous,” said book club member JoAnn Hilderbrandt. “It’s different and and foreign and brave and fun and all of the above.”

Many women are giving the book to their husbands to read

Maria Fordin is a book club member and psychotherapist who says the paths of arousal are different for men and women. Women enjoy the idea of something a “little” dangerous.

“Anxiety tends to have an arousal component to it, so arousal takes place because there’s mystery and fear so when you’re reading it. You can step back and imagine. That kind of arousal and fear they go together actually” said Fordin.

And like many successful books, it’s been announced to no one’s surprise that a major motion picture about  the Fifty Shades trilogy will be made.

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