MIAMI (CBS4) – From high speed chases to millions of dollars in check fraud, police say an ID theft ring from A South Florida is responsible for crimes across the country.

The group is called the Felony Lane Gang and right now, police from Elm Grove, Wisconsin, outside of Milwaukee, are looking for two women from Broward County. They say those women are wanted for committing thousands of dollars of check fraud over a two day spree.

Police in Wisconsin first became aware of the group last summer while investigating another check fraud case.

“Through the course of the investigation we have identified that this is more of an organized group that we linked back to other cases across the country to Ft. Lauderdale Florida or the Broward County Florida area,” Lt. Jason Hennen of the Elm Grove Wisconsin Police Dept explained.

Police say a number of different groups all operate as part of the Felony Lane Gang.  They allegedly steal purses from cars then go to banks and cash checks.   Police say the check cashers wear wigs and makeup and drive through the lane farthest away from the teller where they’re less likely to be recognized. That’s why police originally dubbed the group the Felony Lane Gang.

In the most recent case in Elm Grove, Wisconsin, police say the teller saw signs of fraud and called police.  The suspects allegedly led police on a high speed chase. They got away, but police in Wisconsin say they have arrested other suspects including seven other alleged members of the Felony Lane Gang all from Broward County.

Police say the group is operating in at least half a dozen states.  Earlier this year, three alleged members of the Felony Lane Gang were arrested in Georgia. Those suspects were all from Fort Lauderdale.

“They continue to commit crimes they go back to Fort Lauderdale to their home and then after a short period of time, they go out again, commit more crimes and victimize more people,” said Lt. Hennen.

Police hope someone in South Florida will recognize the women. If you do, call the Elm Grove Police at (262) 786-4141.

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