Crowds Smaller Than Predicted At Bayfront Trayvon Rally

MIAMI (CBSMiami) – Thousands of people filled the amphitheater at Miami’s Bayfront Park Sunday afternoon to demand justice in the death of Trayvon Martin. The attendance fell far short of the 75 thousand predicted by US Rep. Frederica Wilson, organizer of the event, but they missed a spirited rally held under a blazing sun.

The Reverend Al Sharpton spoke to a crowd of more than 3,000 people, chanting “No Justice, no peace.”

And the Reverend Jess Jackson called for an “end to vigilantism.”

The crowd belted out its approval of former Miami-Dade police director Bobby Parker’s comments.

“This is the time to become energized,” Parker shouted. “This is the time to take action. Trayvon Martin gave his life for this cause!”

Miami commissioners Michelle Spence-Jones and Francis Suarez also spoke. Miami-Dade Schools Superintendent Alberto Carvalho showed his support, saying he stood up for Trayvon.

“He was my student. He will forever be remembered as a child of Miami-Dade,” Carvallo shouted.

He was one of the many local speakers and performers to appear on stage to energize the rally, including a James Brown impersonator, Singer Betty Wright, and former Miami Heat star Alonzo Mourning.

The crowd stayed to hear from singer Chaka Kahn, who wrote a song memorializing Martin.

The rally started at 4 and lasted nearly three hours.

CBS4’s Peter D’Oench spoke with the parents of Trayvon Martin and both Jackson and Sharpton.

“Number one Zimmerman should be arrested,” Jackson told D’Oench. “And number two they should change the law that encourages vigilantism.”

“He racially profiled Trayvon,” said Wilson. “He was a neighborhood vigilante.”

Martin, 17, of Miami Gardens, was shot February 26th while walking through a gated Sanford community by self-appointed Neighborhood Watch captain George Zimmerman who claimed he shot the teen in self-defense. Citing the “Stand Your Ground” law, police did not charge Zimmerman in the shooting which sparked outrage and cries for justice across the nation.

The Rev. Al Sharpton said only one outcome would acceptable in this case.

“I told the family from day one I would help them,” he told D’Oench. “I will be here until Zimmerman is arrested.”

Martin’s mother, Sybrina Fulton, said she was truly appreciative to those who turned out.

“It means so much to me to see all of you,” she told the crowd.

Martin’s father Tracy Martin told D’Oench, “I feel good about this crowd. We know our neighbors love us.”

She told D’Oench that it was important for her and her husband to attend the rally to show their support for all of those who were there.

‘I am grateful for this turn out of at least a few thousand people and there has to be justice in my son’s case,” said Fulton.

“Trayvon was my baby,” she said. “He was my child. It’s in the hands of God, but everything will be alright.”

Among the demonstrators, Jeff Rose of Miami told D’Oench. “I think it’s pretty amazing that no one has been arrested yet.” His wife, Patty, echoed his sentiments, saying, “I feel there needs to be justice for Trayvon Martin. It’s not clear why no one’s been arrested yet.”

Governor Rick Scott has appointed a special investigator to determine if Zimmerman will be charged, cleared or if this case will go to the Grand Jury.

The F.B.I. and the Justice Department are both investigating.

The protest will continue nationwide in cities including Los Angeles and Chicago to keep the focus on the case, protestors said.

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  • maria

    well said

  • Benny

    True. If Zimmerman was black he would be in jail for murder.

    • Publius2012

      No. he would get a free pass from Eric Holder, especially if he had whacked a white guy or blocked a polling station.

    • John

      Zimmerman should run for president.

      I would vote for him.

    • soul leister

      difference is the hispanic zimmerman has witnesses that backed up his story. This is not about race its about facts… it doesn’t matter what color zimmerman is HE HAS WITNESSES that backed him up… people that see racism everywhere except their own mirror are the problem here.

    • soul leister

      this is not about race… there are witnesses that back up zimmerman’s story… its about the available facts… blacks want to have different facts to work with… our judicial system deals in facts not after the fact fantasy… had zimmerman been black and had the same witnesses the states prosecutor would not have been able to hold him either… grow up and taste the rainbow.

    • ShootEmFoDeyRunNow

      Whine, whine, whine…

    • harley2007

      A statement with absolutely no facts to back them up.

    • blackiswhack

      If Zimmerman was black then he would be in jail a long time ago for rape, murder, robbery or drugs. Thank all that is holy that he is not black as one more spookmonkey does nothing but add more problems to a planet infested with that garbage race.

      • sean

        actually the political and judicial tides are changing and have been for the past 30 years
        yes while more blacks are in jail
        they are also getting away with more and more crime due to what i like to call “affirmative action trials”
        leftist idiots think the system is racist because more blacks are in jail than whites
        when in reality it’s just because they commit more crime
        but due to the idiotic leftist protests there is more leeway available to blacks in court due to them being over represented in the prison population

    • Marie

      A baseless assertion.

    • Joe

      If Zimmeran was black nobody would be calling for a lynch mob.

      • Oldtaxpayer

        RIGHT ON.

    • sailordude

      Actually the shooters of 14 are not in jail so you don’t know what you are talking about THEY ARE BLACK TOO! They don’t even have any suspects!

    • MLKrollingingrave

      If Zimmerman were black, the ‘community’ would be saying “Don’t Snitch”.

      • bnchy

        You are absolutely correct!

      • Al Aktar Bo0by

        This is true – no snitchin!

    • Chris G.

      That’s the way it SHOULD be, Benny — & getting prepared for execution if found guilty of that murder in a court of law.

    • Devon

      People finally saw the real picture of him, 17, 6′ 2” with a gold grill and slit eyes, looking as stoned as a junkie.

      • coltster

        They will still show his pic when he was 12. Real honest people. NOT!

      • CHRIS3760

        yup. remember hitler’s baby pics…and look what happened with him.

    • busseja

      I doubt it. but If Zimmerman missed with his shot Trayvon could have been arrested for assault and battery.

      Asking Trayvon “where are you going was no crime.” Assulting Zimmerman was.

    • Obamalicksanus

      And he’d deserve to be there. Blacks are 13% of the population but commit 80% of the violent crime.

      • ShootEmFoDeyRunNow


    • JobsBill

      benny is obama’s son’s cousin.

      • cabrerski

        Oh?? Is Benny here illegally as well?

    • Just AnObserver

      I call bull on ya, Benny.

  • Beverly

    Those people who committed the crimes(especially if they are Black), will be charged. Zimmermann ADMITTEDLY STALKED and SHOT AN UNARMED Child and has NOT been Charged!I know you think this is OK, but we don’t think it’s ok, and we’re not gonna stand for it! You know EXACTLY where Al Sharpton is : Leading the fight against someone who thought they were going to get away with MURDER and not even be charged. If it was YOUR son you’d be crying and Trayvon would already be UNDER the jail and you wouldn’t be making excuses for a Black person who killed your son and YOU KNOW IT! You’re just mad because Rev. Sharpton is leading he fight against injustice.That’s his job! SOMEBODY has to do it! It’s bad that two people got shot in Miami, but that still doesn’t let Zimmerman off the hook!

    • D Brown

      Nope. I am mad because the “Revs” and others want a mob lynching. I am truly irate about a seeminly senseless killing. Notice that I said senseless. There is an investigation going on now by local, state and FEDERAL agencies and I am sure that the facts will come out. If Zimmerman is accused and convicted, i am also sure that justice will be done. Now, are my comments racist? Please let me know.
      Also, is Jackson’s love child old enough to vote now?

    • Aunt Blabby

      Unarmed CHILD ?????Please !!!!!!

    • Liberty4Ever

      Trayvon was NOT A CHILD – you need to get your facts straight. The family put out a picture of Trayvon when he was EIGHT YEARS OLD but Trayvon was no longer 8 yrs old – he was 17 yr old. He was much taller than Zimmerman and the facts will reveal that Tryavon was a thug and was indeed the attacker and Zimmerman had every right to use the Florida “stand your ground” law. I am thankful to live in a state that allows me to protect myself against THUGS of all colors.

    • changomango

      So Zimmerman never lied about following Trayvon, called police and waited until police arrived after the tragic event yet you don’t believe his version of events only because they don’t jive with your narrative. After evaluating the evidence, his statement and eyewitness testimony, the police department and district attorney concluded that there wasn’t enough evidence to charge Zimmerman with any crime, justice served! And my son is not a gold toothed, tattooed, drug smoking, thieving graffiti artist, thug wannabe who’s been suspended from school on several occasions, so looks like they failed as parents who now seek to profit from their sons death, oohhhh feeeeel the luuuuv (of money)!.

    • Ken

      Sharpton and Jackson are out there to keep their names in the news. This situation isn’t one that’s wanting for media attention. Sharpton and Jackson love and need the attention (and ancillary financial gain) that this situation will bring to them personally. It’s hard to take you (or this incident that you really, really want to make a cause) seriously with his name attached.

      What do you think happened here, Beverly? That Zimmerman followed Martin around, then decided to shoot him in full view of at least several witnesses during or just after a phone call with 911 with no provocation whatsoever, just because he was black? Stop looking at this as a racial issue and ask yourself if that makes any sense at all.

    • Haters Ball

      You are a deluded race baited who won’t be happy until there are dead blacks and whites. You are a fool who incites the foolish. Just like your hero Al Sharpton. He sees an opportunity to make some money off a dead kid and he is all over it.

      YOU and your ilk are moronic hypocrites.

    • Ken

      Well Bev, love the way you and most hate mongers never EVER let facts interfere with a good story. Unfortunetly your logic and justifications hold about as much water as a promise from Obama. The facts just dont add up to what you are saying Lady, so get off your high horse and quit pretending you have value to the community, because, frankly, you dont

    • Jim Bob

      Parents are never responsible, children (old enough to be a Marine) are not responsible…he couldn’t have just walked straight home and if confronted called 911? He couldn’t call his dad?

      Since none of those calls were made, as far as we know, it looks like he talked smack to himself and decided to confront the guy who was following him. It ended badly. Lots of gunfighter movies about just this thing…fight over a girl, fight over a slight of honor…been happening to young men of all colors since the beginning of time.

      It seems that some people like Beverly seem to believe that the kid was stalked and shot from an ambush…it doesn’t sound like the evidence supports that theory.

      • Abe Froman

        Better people than Trayvon, been killed in the past month and the media ignores it. Why liberal white media bosses wnat blacks rioting and killing baffles me. I wish they would riot at Rockefeller Square or Greenwich Village, and give these money grubbing media lefties what they deserve.

      • jarjar

        unifies the base anti-freedom base. Guarantees reelection of pro-union politicians which means more money for the bosses. They care less about what happens on the streets. They’ll just jet off overseas for a while.

    • DEBBIE


      • coltster

        You go Debbie….:)

    • Erick

      I didnt realize I couldnt follow someone in my own neighborhood who I dont recogninze and is acting in a suspicious manner. George saw Trayvon and called the cops. This is exactly what a law abiding citizen should do. Observe and report.

      Even if George was following Trayvon, so what? If Trayvon was doing nothing wrong then he should just continue walking away. Further, a 911 operator has no authority whatsoever to “order” someone to stop following another person. In fact, if you rread the unedited transcript of the 911 call George obeyed the “order” to stop following Trayvon even though he was under no legal obligation to do so.

      If Trayvon punched Zimmerman, knocked him to the ground and was bashing his head in the concrete, I would argue that those are the actions of a thug and a criminal. IF this is what went down, George was within his rights to defend himself from this potentially deadly attack.

      Regardless, anyone who has already judged George OR Trayvon as guilty or not guilty based on what they have seen in the news is wrong. We need to let the police do their job and allow our justice system to sort things out. We dont know all the facts, they will come out as the investigation progresses.

      Based on the wacky posts from the liberal left, as well as the equally crazy and racist posts from a vocal minority on the right, there will always be a large number of crazy white and black folks who will never see reason no matter what the evidence shows.

      Unfortunately, being Black and anti-white is acceptable. It is a shame that we havent gotten to the point where racist comments from both whites AND non-whites are equally reprehensible.

    • GF

      An unarmed thug was probably looking for an easy break in, and that attacked him and he had to shoot.

    • concernedgranny

      Zimmerman did not stalk Trayvon and Trayvon was anything BUT an innocent child. A witness said that Trayvon was smashing Zimmerman’s head into the concrete after breaking his nose. It doesn’t seem like Zimmerman is racist, he tutors black children and has blacks in his family. Check out Trayvon’s twitter and FB pages. He’s a lot different than the 5 year old picture the media is showing. We have to let the system play out. We are a land of laws. BTW, Rev. Al is a hate mongering race baiter…remember Tawana Brawley and the Duke LaCross incidents?

    • Dutra

      Your “child” was 17 years old, six (6) foot tall, and 160 pounds in weight. He wasn’t wearing Huggies.

      Trayvon was a punk! Find another saint to worship.

      – The convenience store video, where Trayvon supposedly bought his Skittles, will not show him patronizing the store.
      – Trayvon has a criminal record.
      – Trayvon’s fingerprints will match those lifted at one of the burglary scenes.
      – Trayvon will have Zimmerman DNA under his fingernails and on his knuckles.
      – Trayvon was nowhere near where he should be if he was on his way home.
      – The toxicology results will show drugs in Trayvon’s system.
      – The jewelry found in Trayvon’s backpack will be traced to a burglary where his prints were also found.

    • Snæbjörn

      Excuse me while I wipe my tears from my and your friends “doing their job” make me puke.

    • Oldtaxpayer

      Bull, this was no child and if you know then tell us what he was doing there, and did he have a job then was he in college, or trade school, and release all of his records.

      He could have said. I’m sorry and are leaving the neighborhood right now….

    • Joey

      He shot a low life thug. May he rest in HELL.

    • Bud

      Admittedly according to who? Zimmerman will not be convicted of anything!

      • rjm2238

        At this point it looks as though he should not be convicted of anything, BUT, we have not got all the info yet. You should learn patience. If the young man we are speaking about was possessed of it he would be alive now, wouldn’t he. That gang banger, in your face attitude doesn’t always work out. More often than not it will not see you home. There is a saying, “You can never have too much gun” We used to apply it only to hunting situations, but these days, seeing what is going on now, it is appropriate to everyday life. That my friends is a shame, a dan_m shame. Rich in New Mexico.

    • jon

      stop calling 6 foot 3 football playing athlete Trayvon a child that term just inflames the already out of control lynch mob

    • Just AnObserver

      I’m calling BULL on you, Beverly.

      Your racism is showing..

    • James

      Utter baloney and you know it. Poor trayvon never learned any respect fro strangers. In the end it got him killed. THAT’s the lesson

  • Jesse

    I say were Aunt Blabber why would you say such things….all I want to to start a riot and watch people destroy their community with hate. ITs a big distraction wink wink!



  • DoveSONG

    ARE they looking for the people who DID it? ARE they letting them go free? Then right there – that is the POINT!

  • DoveSONG

    WOW… maybe YOU will caught in the middle… sad just sad for ANYONE to hate as much as you obviously do – What you sow, lady, you shall reap. so be careful what you wish for others, it may just come to you… If i were you, I would pray.

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  • charles

    Al Sharpton? Frederica Wilson? This is Duke Lacrosse and Tawana Brawley all over again.

    • Playrighter

      Wilson is a disgrace to her office. She is either a conscious liar or an ignorant pandering buffoon. The 911 tapes (the real ones, not the dishonestly edited NBC version) show NO racial profiling. Zimmerman wasn’t even sure of Trayvon’s race when he was asked “white, Hispanic or black?” and answered the officer’s question.

      Sharpton is a racist buffoon. No justice no peace? How about KNOW THE FACTS before inciting crowds to racial hatred? No vigilante justice? The FACTS so far say there was none in the shooting. Yet that’s exactly what Sharpton, Jackson and these rallies are subtly promoting. (But people can forget Tawana Brawely and Freddie’s Fashion Mart when Al revs up the crowd.

      Jackson needs no introduction. Just a one way ticket away from this mess.

    • saddlebum 1

      I think Blacks should apologize to many Americans for the “whitey” and “cracker” comments thrown around in this medley of blame. Blacks have “no right” to jump to racist comments as they have raced to judgment showing their bias against innocent people. Shame on you racist.

    • Gerry

      Al Sharpton the spokes person for NBC and Jesse Jackson the pride of Chicago and both are a prime example of a primative culture.

      • Michael

        No doubt right?! Are they in Detroit protesting the black on black crime? Miami to protest the black on black crime? New Orleans to protest the black on black MURDER rate? Heck no! There isn’t any money in pandering black on black causes… only when it is aimed at whitey do these two hypocrites get involved.

      • Ron Langevin

        You spelled that wrong, it is Al DULLton, the midget, and gorlella “rev” jaclson. They smell and look like orangutans, and the real reason they were there is there was free bananas for all!

      • John

        They are prime examples of old goons that still have it, they can still extract the cash from hard working black’s wallets without them catching on that they’ll get nothing for their dollars squandered.

        Is there a race issue, yes, only when the cash flow runs low at the Sharpton, Farakan, and Jackson residences. Otherwise they don’t give a dam about 14 blacks shot at a funeral in the same state they’re protesting.

        I’m laughing at these clowns, because they really are funny.

    • Mo

      And yet many of these same people screaming for :justice” where cheering i n the streets when OJ Simpson was found not guilty by an African-American jury despite overwhelming evidence to the contrary.

      • james4usa

        White Supremists, are the people that claim Somalia,Ethiopia, Kenya are inferior to say… Germany, Denmark, Sweden.

      • paulus31

        james4USA need to listen to black Pastor Dr. James Manning’s Sermon about black people linked here among the above posts. That’s a real eye opener to the hoods!!!

      • james

        The jury in the O.J. Simpson trial wasn’t overwhelmingly African American. I am black and I am waiting on the evidence to be revealed before passing my judgement. Keep your racists comments to yourself.

    • Meme

      Actually, I think Sharpton’s calls to incite riots has helped Zimmerman much more than Martin. The more the public learns of this story, the more sympathy Zimmerman gets, especially after the race baiters start spewing their rhetoric.

      • brother benedictus

        Race baiters? Yep. Exaggerators too? Seems so, when it serves their cause … 75,000 were expected? “more than 3,000” showed up? The aerial photo shows an amphitheater with 12 sections, each containing about 8 rows of about 15 seats … quick math shows that the seating capacity is 1,440. MANY, many sections are far less than half full. I’m thinking that there were fewer than 1,000 people in attendance. That doesn’t sound very good though, does it? “A crowd of thousands” sounds almost like a majority. Too bad it’s likely just another big lie.

      • RPatReilly

        It’s a shame when any young man is killed. The story states that this young man gave his life for this cause. Martin did not give his life, it was taken from him during an altercation. Young men are killed everyday for very immature reasons. When the parents, the schools and the media begins to chastiise this immature behavoir and impress upon these kids the long range consequences of their violent actions maybe these acts will diminished.

      • lingsun

        There was no cause. Not unless the cause is to rob and kill white people. Martin gave his life for that cause.

      • Earl P. Holt III

        The only difference between Trayvon Martin and every other black criminal is that Trayvon was involuntarily retired from his profession…

      • joe

        Trayvon said he is very hot now.

      • joe

        Zimmerman is the hispanic version of the new ZORRO

      • joe

        No loss why is anyone upset??????

      • joe

        Zimmerman is a national hero and should be treated as a hero.

    • pdxqt

      And it appears to be plagiarizing the script of “Bonfire of the Vanities.”

      • KayZ

        First thing I thought of too when these race card players Jessie and Al showed their mugs, not to mention Obowmao.

      • steview

        Indeed. First thing I thought of. I don’t find many people who remember it – or read it, though.

      • Shepherd

        Good one, but unfortunately everyone who attended the event wouldn’t understand the joke.

      • usul333


      • AynRandBiotch

        No doubt it is a Tom Wolfe moment. Incredible!

      • dude

        dude i was totally watching that movie last night!!!! for the first time!! i was thinking the whole time, man just like that florida situation.

      • woody

        Even MLK was a rabid plagiarizer, so it’s “all in the family”….

  • Bill E Bob

    He beez all up in the cut! Who wanna know?!

  • DJ

    Meanwhile, 14 black people were shot at a wake last night. Two of them died. You didn’t hear Sharpton or Jack.ass make cute rhyming slogans or even mention it .. because the shooters were black (as it is 99% of the time).

    • Black Beast

      Where I live Blacks commit 100% of the crime.

      • singal


      • A Real American

        oh yeah and all ther whites are just fine americans right? pay there taxes, work everyday, dont curse. Whatever! you must be on that meth your cokkin up, oh forgot whites dont commit crimes where you are from

      • rev al

        You mean America?

    • Sir Boris

      But there was a white car mentioned.

    • ahksehl

      I guess it was a trifecta for us then!! Win Win WIn! One in a box, two on the block!

    • snapper

      Yep, all involved looked like they could be Obama’s children.

      • Puke

        could you imagine obama with gold caps and a hoody?

    • zonee

      In “Rep.” Fredericka Wilson’s district too. Where is her outrage? Where s the rally for these familes?

      I guess if your kid gets killed by assualting an self defending OTB (other than black), that makes you more equal than the parents of children who killed by other blacks?

    • james4usa

      Some people sport a DNA within 3% of Ocean Invertebrate. Source any Bio Chemist with PHD in Nano Tech.

    • dennis

      They would be considered uncle Toms

    • John Doe

      Don’t Shparton and Jackson realize that if you demonize the police as racists and encourage people “not to snitch” on black-on-black criminals, they are making it easy for blacks to kill each other?

    • CHRIS3760


    • Haters Ball

      It’s because no one cares, so money can’t be made off it. Thats why you never hear those 2 phonies speak up about black on black crime. It just doesn’t sell like a black kid being killed by a pseudo white person(spanish jew)..

    • bigbill

      exactly! 1/2 the murders in the country are by blacks, 90% of tose black on black, but there aint nothing wrong with that, just when a white hispanic shoots a kids with a hoodie, who is in charge? Obama? Not a chance

  • HL3

    These people have WAY too much time on their hands.

    • Art Vandelay

      When you’re getting a government check, not paying taxes, and taking in additional income from illegal drugs, you have all kinds of free time.

      • JByrd42

        And they continue to reproduce.

    • CrackerMan

      More would have shown up but they thought it was work.

  • David Gurney

    Trayon is dead today because of that egregiosly bad Florida law-the one banning housing convenants.

    • BarneyCrush

      Trayon is dead today because : He was casing apartments for future burglaries…he was followed by a neighborhood watchman and felt disrespected by that…he eluded the watchman, then came up behind the watchman, sucker punched him and then jumped on him and began slamming his head into the cement walkway; a punishment that was necessary due to the disrespect…most of these “disrespected” idiots wind up in prison…this one ended up in the cemetary due to Florida CCW laws.

    • EW-3

      Trayvon is dead today because he picked on someone much smaller then himself that happened to have a gun.

      If this happened more often the bullies of the world would stop being bullies.

      An armed society is a polite society.

      • Al Aktar Bo0by

        Yeah, armed citizens bother two kinds of people
        1. Criminals
        2. Marxist

      • Donnie K

        No truer words were ever spoken than that. Trayvon made a FATAL error on that night, plain and simple. Funny how every single night all over this country many blacks are killed and usually by each other. Where is the outrage about that Al Sharton and Jesse Jackson ??? Maybe if you would use this as a teaching moment instead of an attempt to make this a race issue then you would get a lot more accomplished. Guess you both are too stupid or too smart to realize that and I’m not sure which.

      • Jake V.

        Well said sir. Well said.

        ….and you wonder why they are always talking about taking the guns away.

      • Puke

        Truth be told. Pack heat and live free. .45 ACP hollow point.

      • John Doe

        You have to do more than just “pick” on someone or be a bully to be lawfully shot in self-defense.

        You have to threaten serious bodily harm or death. Trayvon is dead and can’t tell his side of the story, but while I can understand getting into a fight, jumping on someone after he is down is pushing your luck.

        If you are hitting or kicking someone who is down, don’t be surprised when people take you as a dangerous threat, not to mention having very bad sportmanship.

  • Andrew Musaelian, San Diego

    Open letter to Al Sharpton: Mr. Sharpton you are a total embarrassment to the human race and of course to the african american race. Every event that involves a black or african american you jet to the location to show your bigoted face and spew racism. You have absolutely NO CREDITABILTY. You are a total loser and have nothing positive to add. All you are looking for is a black vs. white riot. Go back to your Harlem apartment where you get free rent and just sit there and act like a Reverand. Pray, not just shoot your big fat mouth off.

    • EMJ

      I used to be in your boat until I started watching his Politics Nation show. After getting used to his speaking style, I realized the man is not what you state. Jesse Jackson is another story and he certainly likes a TV camera, but Rev Sharpton is not some trouble making race baiter. I don’t think he would have the caliber of guests and the ratings his show has if he was as you describe.

      Surely, you should know that the Martin family went to Rev Sharpton for help because they were being cheating of justice in this case. Once Sharpton went on TV simply to question why there was not even an arrest is how this all got started. To me it’s the same feeling I get when I hear Putin or Chavez won elections by landslides. It just doesn’t seem to be the truth.

      While writing this I had the TV on and heard in my ear Travon Martin screaming for help and then the chilling sound of a gunshot. It gives me a deep, deep sadness and I’m a white, southern born man of 52. Did you know the exact same things you are saying about Sharpton are exactly the same things my parents and others said about Martin Luther King? Sometimes you have to ruffle a few feathers to get justice in this world.

      • DKneute

        I suggest you google “Tawana Brawley”.

      • paulus31

        Did YOU really hear treyvon martin screaming for help, or did you hear somebody ELSE telling you that, huh? You see his father has told the Sanford Police that that was NOT his son’s voice. His girl friend on the phone with him told also told the Police she asked Martin to leave and go home, but he told her he was NOT going to do that, but he was going after Zimmerman, did you know that???

      • Playrighter

        Ruffling feathers can be good — when it’s based on fact, rather than hysteria.

        Sharpton may have producers line up guests for his television gig (which he apparently got by claiming too few blacks were on the air), but he does have ZERO credibility when it comes to “civil rights”.

        He stands in front of a crowd of worked up blacks (much on false charges) and threatens to escalate if he doesn’t get his way, chanting “no justice no peace” and claiming to be against vigilantes while creating a mob of just that.

        Then there’s history: Tawana Brawley and Freddie’s Fashion Mart. You wouldn’t give Andrew Dice Clay credibility on kindness to women, you wouldn’t give Hitler credibility on reverence for Jews, you wouldn’t give William (“I get up every day and ask myself how I can destroy capitalism”) Ayers credibility in the area of respect for business and government (he also bombed facilities).

        So why would Sharpton have any credibility when it comes to respect for the rights of citizens?

    • Gerry

      But he is the hero of the African race.

      • BarackkObama

        Isnt he the king of all black people?

  • Timmy

    Unarmed bl__ck and innocent all in the same sentence

    • gil44

      I can write that sentence: Trayvon was unarmed and black, but the best available evidence seems to show that it was Zimmerman, not Trayvon, who was innocent.

      It appears that the voice yelling for help on the 911 call was Zimmerman. On the initial police report, he is quoted as saying something like “I was calling for help, but nobody came.” I’ve seen the videos of him arriving at the police station, and I can’t tell if he has grass stains or not because he had dark clothes. Even the enhanced videos weren’t clear enough, and if they were it’s likely the enhancement process would obscure them by borrowing details from nearby pixels.

      What crime did Zimmerman commit? Is it a crime to shoot someone who is on top of you and punching your face?

      • Ruckus

        The NAACP has already condemned Sharpton’s race baiting . The President started the gang of three are continuing it. Jesse Jackson, Louis Farrahahnn ,and Al Sharpton.

  • SkeeboMacbane

    If Zim wanted the punk dead why would he have called the police? He could have just shot him and let the police try and figure out who did it. Time and facts are not on Skittles side.

    • Dan

      That’s a great point that hasn’t been addressed.

  • rexhandsom

    the 2 black racist …………. much of the problem, just keep hiding the Black Crime………. Jessie and Sharpton are doing more harm than good..

  • dvs

    it;s amazing how many of these people are marching for “justice” but none of them are waiting for, or allowing the police to do their job first. sounds justice is more about “just us” having a platform to be the biggest racists possible.

  • rich

    Welfare debit cards are loaded today!

    • Susie Purebred

      And whites can’t be happier! Go verify those statistics.

    • Ron Langevin

      And pants dragging hoodie wearing mental midgets will be “taking care of business”, the Hoes wil be hoeing, the booze stores will be bustling, etc, etc.

  • susie

    Tawana Brawley, Duke Lacrosse team….have we learned nothing from these incidents?? We can not live in a country where the mob rules, where its okay for mobs to threaten viloence against individuals. There are more than enough state and federal investigators involved in this case. Let the truth come out and let our legal system work.

    • Gwen

      Mob rule, chanting kill him. kill him!! Apprapos to this time of year, don’t you think? It sounds strangely reminiscent of a tradgedy that happened 2000 years ago.

      • incredulous

        You’re referring of course to the Easter Bunny right? I didn’t know we celebrated Easter back in those days but …OK. I wonder who won the Easter egg hunt.

      • Lincoln Robertson

        Yeah, and they call Zimmerman a vigilante.

      • Fendbassfan

        Great point! And from the two EYE witnesses, just as innocent!

    • been banned

      You forgot the Jenna 6…

      • Keith Oblerwomann

        …and don’t forget the Crown Heights riots where Sharpton’s “activities” got an innocent Jewish man killed.

  • Dace

    The parents need to end this nonsense. It does us no good.

    • JOSE

      they will when the money stops

      • no limit digger

        Both of the parents quit their job due to this. I guess they hit the lotto

  • tylerjake78

    Isn’t Zimmerman a hispanic democrat?! WOW, I give Obama and Sharpton a lot of credit for stirring this up in Florida. A swing state he needs to retain his presidency.

    • Al Aktar Bo0by

      They vote Demoncrat anyway – Obama could personally shoot their first born and the dummies would re-elect him.

      • blackiswhack

        Blacks don’t generally vote as a group and that is good for America. Now if we can just get those white people who think that they are black to stop voting.

    • Perry

      Good call. They could have selected from many different killings over the past few months but this one has politics written all over it.

    • bigbill

      they are stirring this up to get the black vote out in November that is all, no one really cares that the blacks in the inner city are killing each other all day long, just when its a non black killing a black, get ready for a race war.

  • Dace

    I’m sure they don’t want to be around you Klansmen either.

  • alanwillingham

    Why are Black vigilantes attacking this Hispanic man and using such racist language? Why does the media continue to show 3 and 4 year old pictures and refer to a 6 foot 3 football player as a “child”?

    I have heard some call the Hispanic man a “White” Hispanic, which is clearly intended as Hate Speech, attacking both the heritage and ethnicity of the man they are urging Bounty Hunters to drag in without legal justification, Dead or Alive.

  • Me

    I’m confused… Zimmerman was told by the police on the 911 tape that he didnt need to follow him. He said “ok” and was walking back to his truck. It is in the record that the altercation took place less than 50 feet from the truck. If Trayvon was “running scared for his life”, how did the fight happen next to Zimmerman’s truck ????

    • skyehawk

      Much better yet , If he was scared (the 6foot 3-4 football player ) Why didnt ‘ he call 911 ?? He was talking on his phone , he had plenty of oportunity , the much smaller (hispanic man ) did call 911……. though……run that by al sharpie !

  • sailordude

    It wasn’t even thousands maybe 1 thousand but it looked like 500. I watched it on CBS Miami’s live aerial news feed. I’m sure someone posted it on youtube, the place had a LOT of empty seats and it was not that big of a place to start with. Anyway, looks like the race riots won’t happen until Obama gets defeated this November. make sure to vote America especially if you are white or Latino! We need to kick the race baiter out of the White House!

    • Snitch-in-Time

      Standard Operating Procedure for left wing media is to multiply atten-dunce numbers of all liberal events by 5 and divide attendance of all conservative events by 10. They have been doing this for years. The polls and these phony rally atten-dunce numbers are nothing but Band Wagon propaganda for the left.

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