MIAMI (CBS4) – The brother of Trayvon Martin is speaking out exclusively to CBS4 News about what he and his family have been going through since the shooting death of his brother, which prompted a national outcry for the shooter’s arrest.

“It’s quite overwhelming. Everyone standing up for justice, for my brother,” said Jahvaris Fulton. “I think it’s amazing. He’s making history, I guess. There’s no words for it. I don’t how to explain that but we like the support and we’re thankful for everyone’s prayers.”

Fulton told CBS4’s Gio Benitez that Trayvon’s death has been so hard for him, he wanted to give up his Information Technology studies at Florida International University. It’s something, he said, he can’t get away from due to the intense media coverage.

“Like when they come on I just change the channel or mute the TV,” said Fulton ” I still don’t really want to be [at FIU] right now. But I think about him, and then my future, so here I am.”
Police say Martin, 17, died at the hands of Sanford neighborhood watchman George Zimmerman.

icon video Trayvons Brother: There Should Be An ArrestWeb Extra: Trayvon Martin’s Brother Speaks Exclusively To CBS4

Trayvon was walking back home from a convenience store.

Zimmerman thought he looked suspicious and called police. He followed Trayvon.

What happens next is not clear, but Trayvon ended up dead with a gunshot wound to the chest.

Zimmerman told police he shot Trayvon in self defense, something Fulton has a hard time believing.

“It’s just baffling how people just take his word for it, as if that’s exactly what happened, and no question about it,” said Fulton. I think it sends the wrong message. It tells people that you can murder someone, no one sees it, and you can say its self defense. That’s essentially what happened and I don’t think people should get that.”

Fulton plans to attend the rally for Trayvon Sunday at Miami’s Bayfront Park.

“Just to continue fighting for justice, just that, and there should be an arrest I think,” said Fulton.
Comments (35)
  1. abootnkiki says:

    not everyone is standing up for him; just want to make that clear.not everyone is offering their support and prayers,just wanted to make that clear

    1. Trina Freeman says:

      He’s not talking to u stupid

    2. Steve says:

      lol true, true

  2. tailoverteakettle says:

    It’s also not every day that his brother gets shot to death. Let the man grieve for his brother. Why is he being attacked for speaking to reporters? Are you giving Zimmerman’s brother the same animosity?

    1. nofool says:

      Grieving so much he could just barely sit down for an interview..Riiight.

  3. Randolley says:

    This article should have not been released. It says nothing important. What else is a brother suppose to say? Nothing was gained here. I guess the writer needed some experience copying old news and splicing in a sentence from the dead man’s brother. Not an award winning article. Sorry and don’t try again. Please.

  4. Mark Matis says:

    Thank you, Mr. Zimmerman, for the service you have done for your community and your country!

    1. Trina Freeman says:

      One day u will remember those words feel sorry for your family

    2. No1sname says:

      Hey Ding Dong….Avon’s calling!

  5. Alvin Hall says:

    do u believe in GOD ?

    1. No1sname says:

      Well I hope that you went home to take a shower/bath!

  6. Alvin Hall says:

    Get A Life Nut ..

  7. Alvin Hall says:

    YOU Need GOD..

    1. abootnkiki says:

      i thought trayvon believed in god and where did it get him

  8. suibne says:

    baffling? you are just another black bigot.

  9. suibne says:

    al sharpton should be arrested immediately.

  10. Trina Freeman says:

    What r u talking about go get some business

  11. joe says:

    sounds like a step-brother based on their different last names

  12. Isaac says:

    How are they brothers? Same mother? Same father? Surely they don’t have the same parents.

    1. Something2say says:

      Both are the children of the mother (Fulton her last name). If both siblings have the same mother, you are not a step/bro.-sis to each other. That’s why the article refers to him as being Trayvon’s brother.

      1. Big Ed says:

        So how many “baby daddy” she got?

  13. Just AnObserver says:

    Irrelevant and an attempt at sympathy for a kid gone wrong.

    Too bad his brother wasn’t keeping him from being a “No Limit N-word” and from getting in so much trouble at school.

    Too bad his parents were keeping better tabs on his activities.

    Too bad Trayvon decided to beat up someone instead of just go home.

    1. Steve says:


      Now the telling thing is, if Trayvon were white, or Zimmerman were black, well, you know the score would be different.

      They’d be asking for “justice” for Zimmerman, LOL

  14. DJ says:

    I see they are still using the picture of Trayvon from six years ago.

  15. Something2say says:

    You are a disgrace. I agree, a nutcase. His brother by all accounts came across like a respectful young man. You, on the other hand, were taught to be a racist!

  16. Neal Roy James says:

    Not true, there are witnesses. Why not wait until the investigation is completed before burning your neighborhood.

    1. Louis Calabro says:

      Yes, thank you—wait for the final reports from the FBI, DOJ and State Att. Gerneral’s Office

  17. Curious says:

    how did they find his father so fast?
    Even the court systems cant do that

  18. Justice4all says:

    SMH at America in the people in it…. Why talk about his mother and why does it matter who many children fathers she has. Trayvon needs Justice he was follow and killed by a monster and you guy are taken up for him…. Our world is really fallen apart. Can you imagine somebody following your kid and killing them and you get No Justice…. America is petty.

  19. Cactus says:

    Would this have even made the news if it were a black on Black crime??

  20. Louis Calabro says:

    OK for the march for Trayvon Martin, but how about some National, International and local coverage for the following horrible case in Knoxville, TN.

    The following comments are simply my opinion about the political use of this tragic happening. Please give it some serious attention, Thank you. Louis Calabro ********************************************************************************************************************************************************
    The Trayvon Martin case is just one more example of the African American community creating a distraction from the thousands upon thousands of black on white crimes that are committed each year in America.

    This is a practice that has been going on for the past 50 years—it works so they continue using it–and the liberal and not so intelligent news media go along with it.

    Please look at the Christian Channon and Christopher Newsom trial that will beginning June 6, 2012 in Knoxville, TN.

    Five blacks kidnapped Channon and Newsom. They sodomized Newsom, killed him and then burned his body. They raped, tortured Channon for days and eventually murdered Channon—and poured bleach all over her to destroy their DNA.

    We know, all over America about Trayvon Martin, and maybe we should, but we do not know abo\ut Channon and Newsom. Why is that????

  21. Joe says:

    What a bunch of garbage this incident has brought to us…….His brother should be arrested also before getting shot by someone and creating another caos !!!!!!

  22. Mike Thomas says:

    I found this interview interesting. Jahvaris talks like a respectable kid, looks like he’s w earing an IZOD shirt , kind of collegiate and not hip hoppy at all. He’s the older brother and he says in their last conversation Trayvon apologized to him. This just solidifies in my mind that Trayvon was also a respectable kid. I’m a white guy and a teacher and I deal with all kinds of kids on a daily basis and I know a child who has been brought up by good parents. Even if it turns out to be true that Trayvon jumped on Zimnerman (withy an ice tea and Skittles in his hand) I don’t blame hiom. He was probably in fear from being followed and it doesn’t sound like Zimmerman used very many communication skills that night before shooting.

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