Trayvon’s Brother: “There Should Be An Arrest”

MIAMI (CBS4) – The brother of Trayvon Martin is speaking out exclusively to CBS4 News about what he and his family have been going through since the shooting death of his brother, which prompted a national outcry for the shooter’s arrest.

“It’s quite overwhelming. Everyone standing up for justice, for my brother,” said Jahvaris Fulton. “I think it’s amazing. He’s making history, I guess. There’s no words for it. I don’t how to explain that but we like the support and we’re thankful for everyone’s prayers.”

Fulton told CBS4’s Gio Benitez that Trayvon’s death has been so hard for him, he wanted to give up his Information Technology studies at Florida International University. It’s something, he said, he can’t get away from due to the intense media coverage.

“Like when they come on I just change the channel or mute the TV,” said Fulton ” I still don’t really want to be [at FIU] right now. But I think about him, and then my future, so here I am.”
Police say Martin, 17, died at the hands of Sanford neighborhood watchman George Zimmerman.

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Trayvon was walking back home from a convenience store.

Zimmerman thought he looked suspicious and called police. He followed Trayvon.

What happens next is not clear, but Trayvon ended up dead with a gunshot wound to the chest.

Zimmerman told police he shot Trayvon in self defense, something Fulton has a hard time believing.

“It’s just baffling how people just take his word for it, as if that’s exactly what happened, and no question about it,” said Fulton. I think it sends the wrong message. It tells people that you can murder someone, no one sees it, and you can say its self defense. That’s essentially what happened and I don’t think people should get that.”

Fulton plans to attend the rally for Trayvon Sunday at Miami’s Bayfront Park.

“Just to continue fighting for justice, just that, and there should be an arrest I think,” said Fulton.

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