MIAMI (CBS4) – Kristina Mahoney remembers her son Christopher Headley.

“Christopher was a funny kid, you know from birth he seemed to have his own personality,” she said. “I was a young mother so Christopher and I kind of grew up together, and that’s where he got that older spirit from, where he took on that mature role as a younger boy — always very protective of me.”

On September 8, 2011 at approximately 9:27 p.m. Headley was shot multiple times in a parking lot near 3912 NW 207th Street Road in Miami Gardens.

Police believe Headly had gotten into an argument with someone riding in a red pickup truck. Police believe the passenger in the truck shot Headly and then jumped back in the truck and sped off on NW 39th street.

Headley was airlifted to Jackson Memorial Hospital. Soon thereafter Mahoney learned that her son was shot – and not expected to make it.

“My plea to them was to please just keep him alive until I got there just so I could say my final goodbye,” she recalled. “I can remember walking down the hall in ICU and my legs just buckled. To see him laying there and there was nothing I could do to save him, nothing I could do to stop the hurt, to take away the pain. It is the hardest thing.”

Police have very information to go on. Mahoney implores someone with information to come forward.

“Nothing is going to bring Christopher back — but to know that justice has been served and the person who did this does not have the ability to do this to anybody else” would help, she explained. “I know they say the street code is you don’t snitch and you don’t talk, you don’t say anything. But all that does is make the streets safe for the criminal and it makes it unsafe for people who live in these neighborhoods every day.”

In the killing of 20-year-old Christopher Headly police are looking for a black male who was riding in a small red pickup truck. If you have any information that can help detectives solve this case contact Crime Stoppers at 305 471 -TIPS

  1. Randolley says:

    No protest or march for this dude? Why not? He was shot and killed just like the dude in Sanford. That Gardens place should be bulldozed and made into a park or a parking lot. How many people have to be killed before anything is done about that place? Should change the name to Miami Killing Plaza Zone.

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