MIAMI (CBSMiami) – The killing of South Florida teen Trayvon Martin has sparked outrage across the country, prompting marches that draw in thousands of protesters in hooded sweatshirts in show of solidarity.

Although the hoodies are symbolic of what Trayvon was wearing the day he was killed, someone is profiting from those sales.

CBS4 News found that if you type in Trayvon Martin in Google Shopping, you’ll find pages and pages of T-shirts and other clothing available for sale.

eBay also has plenty of Trayvon goods from hoodies to shirts to buttons to bumper stickers. You can even purchase a hoodie for your dog  in support of solidarity for Trayvon.

It’s not just merchandise. CBS4 News discovered if you type in the URL, “” you’ll discover that someone bought the domain name for strip club reviews.

Nightclubs are also capitalizing on all the publicity. Events like “Hoodies and Heels” have been held to reportedly raise money for Trayvon’s family.

Trayvon’s mother Sybrina Fulton has filed legal documents to trademark the phrases “I am Trayvon” and “Justice for Trayvon” for use on CDs, DVDs, and videos.

“This is about protection and not exploitation,” said Martin family attorney Kimra Major-Morris, who filed the trademark documents for Travyon’s mother.

She said the family wants to keep folks with bad intentions from using those phrases.

“The purpose of the trademark filings is to protect against exploitation and to keep the heat on an arrest and that is really our goal and the family is not interested in a profit,” said Major-Morris.

Major-Morris also said that the family is fine with people using the phrases on shirts and hoodies because it continues to raise awareness about their case.

Some South Floridians, however, found it disturbing.

“If they’re not family and they’re not associated with the family they really shouldn’t be doing things like that,” said Karissa Masson.

“Nauseating, it is definitely not something I would like to be part of,” said Gary Garske.

There has also been some backlash to the capitalizing of his death.

A strip club in North Carolina cancelled its Trayvon Martin Club Night after public outcry against it.

Comments (12)
  1. CAM says:

    “His parents have bought two trademarks, saying they hope to raise money to help other families struck by tragedy.” ARE YOU KIDDING ME? I would like to see the accounting books on that a year from now. This kid should not have lost his life and there should be a trial with an Impartial Jury, Which will be harder to come by the longer the Hype goes on, And remember the New York girl years back that Sharpton and the Black community got behind that turned out to be nothing but a hoax. So lets all wait and get ALL the FACTS before we cash in and speaking of CASHING IN, how many White crime victims have had their Name, Likeness, Clothes etc.. trademaked for Profit? by their own Parents/Family? Think about that and give me an answear. UNBELIVABLE!!!

  2. Alvyn says:

    All I can say is that regardless if it was a crime or not and that it should be punishible, what I see on this case is just Media inciting more than public interest, drama that could evolve into an outrage that lead to riots if this guy (zimmerman) is not convicted of anything. Remember that in order for a Jury to convict someone the crime has to be proben ¨beyond the reasonable doubt¨ .
    At the end its all money, and no doubt about it, the parents of this kid would see their pockets very well compensated, one way or the other.

  3. SquirrelFinders says:

    Umm… Caylee Anthony.

    1. CAM says:

      UH… I don’t think the family got trademaks

  4. Charles says:


    This has gotten way out-of-hand.

  5. tyoung says:

    Yes I agree this did get way outta hand, The state attorney must lock up zimmerman.

  6. rebeka says:

    across the country…. hardly… florida again makes attention on itself…

  7. rebeka says:

    and plus….anthony case was worse and she got away killing a baby. atleast this man was protecting himself. he was 17! come on people. she was 3..! why would you say they are the same..they put 17 year olds to jail for life..come on now! now one is innocent!

  8. Another Battle says:

    Because he is a child he was sixteen~~ And the so called stand your ground law doesn’t apply to this case. And I am the neighborhood watch captain I was told that police were on the way and stay put. However after being the captain for the neighborhood for FIVE YEARS> I got out my car to see what STREET I was on and he attacked me when I was returning to my car. And if you believe his story then something is wrong with you. If you live in a neighborhood for five years and you don’t know the streets how can you patrol them for FIVE YEARS

  9. George says:

    His parents are out for fame and money. There is your justice they will be millionaires. Let me tell you something if one of my kids were killed, the last thing on my mind would be to trademark words that are being used to support my child. How pathetic……

  10. Tired says:

    Tired of hearing about it.

  11. sutton bcn says:

    Remarkable things here. I am very glad to look your post. Thanks a lot and I’m having a look ahead to touch you. Will you kindly drop me a e-mail?

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