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SANFORD, Fla. (CBSMiami) – George Zimmerman has gone from anonymity to the center of a nationwide scandal with one pull of the trigger of his gun. His shooting of Trayvon Martin, 17, has left many questions unanswered about exactly who exactly is George Zimmerman?

He grew up as an altar boy in Manassas, Virginia. Kay Hall was a friend of the family while Zimmerman was growing up.

“Their children were all very obedient,” said Hall. “They didn’t run loose in the neighborhood. They were a very nice family.”

Zimmerman came to Florida to work with his godfather, but when he got here, he had run-ins with the law. In 2005, he was arrested for battery on a law enforcement officer and obstructing justice. While he was fighting that case, his ex-fiancé accused him of domestic violence.

“He open smacked my mouth and asked how does it feel,” the fiancé told police once. Another time, the fiancé said, “He was sexually groping me and said he could because I was his woman.”

Joe Oliver is one of Zimmerman’s long-time friends. He said Trayvon Martin’s skin color played no role in his death.

“We’re all frustrated,” Oliver said. “It was not racially motivated.”

Zimmerman was a self-appointed neighborhood watchman for several years, making 46 calls to police since last January. Zimmerman had been studying at Seminole State College, reportedly to work in law enforcement. Seminole College expelled Zimmerman after Trayvon’s shooting death.

Just a few years ago, Zimmerman returned to Virginia and asked George Hall for a recommendation letter to apply for a job at a police department. But since last month’s shooting, Zimmerman has not been seen in public.

Zimmerman was also an employee at a mortgage risk-management company in Maitland, Florida. The company said Zimmerman has not been to work since the death of Trayvon Martin.

Meanwhile, Oliver hopes people won’t rush to judgment.

“There’s a gap from the time that George gout out of the vehicle and that the gun went off that we don’t know what happened,” Oliver said.

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  1. howard says:

    His friends describe Zimmerman as a bully. It might be important to know his behavior when he was an alter boy.

    1. Gerrie says:

      Imagine, “Zimmerman had been studying at Seminole State College, reportedly to work in law enforcement.”,,, WHILE

      “Zimmerman came to Florida to work with his godfather, but when he got here, he had run-ins with the law. In 2005, he was arrested for battery on a law enforcement officer and obstructing justice. While he was fighting that case, his ex-fiancé accused him of domestic violence.

      “He open smacked my mouth and asked how does it feel,” the fiancé told police once. Another time, the fiancé said, “He was sexually groping me and said he could because I was his woman.”


      1. davia55 says:

        stop with the gossip

    2. Miguelangel says:

      Really? Which friend has described him as a bully? I dare say, no “friend” would describe a friend that way.

  2. trax says:

    Who is George Zimmerman? <—————

    He's a hispanic Democrat who has people desperately wanting him to be a white Republican!

    I wonder why that is? No I don't… I know WHY that is… If he's a hispanic Democrat THERE IS NO STORY ANYMORE! Keep up the phat work Rumplspinskins!

    1. De Jure says:

      If he was hispanic and democrat, he could be hanged and crucified at this time, even in a trial he would be put to death and none would complain about it. Take it as it is. You teach your kids to be violent and to get away with murder based on race, now two of them, black and white, are in the scenario you put them, one a racist guy looking for someone who do not look like him and another trouble maker attacking people for no reason. Only in America.

      1. Davia55 says:

        All this crazy talk about someone you don’ t know. You call a man a racist and you have not even heard him talk. Tell me how many fingers I am holding up. Sound silly? Well that is what everyone is doing to Mr Zimmerman

      2. Charles Samsonow says:

        I never called him a racist !
        A life was taken and for what ?
        But he is a killer – and the gun did not need to be discharged. And now he will be protected by the crooked father that saved him before. Maybe karma will be fulfilled here – he got away from previous law encounters because of his father.
        So very sad – for both sides.
        One will live with this the rest of his life and the other lost his life.

  3. Charles Grapski says:

    Its actually Seminole COMMUNITY College. But a couple years ago the Community Colleges in Florida started dropping the “Community” and just left “College” (No “State”).

    This is actually typical of Florida’s history of higher education. Institutions become something they were not before – merely by changing their name.

  4. Charles Samsonow says:

    There is your problem right there- his father is an ex-judge and that is all he needs.
    You are now experiences the two faceness of the law.
    Just like the Casey Anthoney Case, her dad was a high profiled ex-cop and they know what to say and how to say it – when it needs said – period.
    And all the lying lawyers race to those casey for the exposure and the money to be made. If this was anyone else – the case would of been closed already and the jail door would of been wielded shut.
    The people who now run and the enforce the law are no different then the ones they put in jail. Same mind set.
    Sad but so so so true.

    1. Miguelangel says:

      Where did you learn how to write? Your bias is clear.

      1. Charles Samsonow says:

        The point got across – you know what was said – and you know what was meant.
        And I type fast.

    2. davia55 says:

      ok……Zimmermans dad was on the Virgina Supreme Court, doesn’t hold much weight in Florida.
      Casey Anthoneys Dad was a retired cop from Ohio living in Florida…doesn’t hold much weight in Florida
      and I suppose your idea of “two faceness of the law” means sometihng, but havn’t a clue.
      If you think you would make a better cop, then get an education and become one.

      1. Charles Samsonow says:

        It doesn’t hold much weight in Florida, come on – you have got to be kidding me, as long as your involved in law enforement in any – way – shape – or form – you have an in – things happen behind the scene everyday that is simply wrong.
        I”m almost 60 years old and I use to think like you do, till reality hit and those issues where at my door – because of liars, regardless of whether they wear a badge or not. The things I’m saying here you don’t have to believe – I don’t care – but they are my experiences – and you have no clue on what I have been through.
        But I am telling you the truth and the law is not about the truth – Period !
        I could tell you other stories – that I also believe “you” wouldn’t believe – but they occured – and they are in the public record unless they had them expunged – which happens all the time.
        I couldn’t be a cop anyways – because to be a good cop you need to be a YES – person and a LAIR. And I”m neither. Those are prerequisites – to do anything in law enforcement . Lets hope you don’t get rung through the ringer.

      2. Davia55 says:

        I know there is politics in local government, that happens everywhere. BUT this didn’t go on long enough to get into the politics of law enforcement. From everything I’ve heard Zimmerman was a hard working man who mentored two black kids before this happened. NOW it seems the entire country has this lynch mob mentality towards him. Totally Sick

      3. Charles Samsonow says:

        I”m not denying what you said here at all – I would agree with you.
        But would Zimmerman be treated that good from the cops if he shot an off duty cop?
        NO – you know they would of beat the hell out of him. PERIOD.
        He lives in a gated community.
        Why did he have a permit to carry a weapon, I can also guarantee you that his dad influenced that decision too. Also anyone with a weapon appears braver then someone without a weapon.
        Like the chinese proverb:
        Cowardess is the bodies wisdom of its – weakness
        Bravery is the bodies wisdon of its – strengths.
        Why didn’t Zimmerman with a gun – simple tell the kid ” hey you don’t belong here- please leave and I will also call the cops.
        The cops warned Zimmerman not to persue – but I can guarantee you – that since he carried a weapon and knows enough law and has a father thats a judge that got him out of trouble several times before – he pushed and elevated the incident – till his only choice now is to shoot someone.

        I’m sure now Zimmerman wishs – the out come was different – but its not – it is what it is – because he carried a weapon. How many other people do the same thing and low and behold they are in jail for a very long time.
        How many cops do the same thing, they know within themselves they really didn’t have to shoot that person – but they chose that because they have that right and the idiot lawyers and court system says that’s – OK.
        They intentially shoot someone and a ” I’m sorry is adequte for them to get off”
        in court.
        But you accidently shoot one of them or be accused of doing that and you won’t see the light of day- period.

        Also I guess its OK to decieve the public because you are in politics according to -you. This is why all the wrong people run this country, warmongers who profit from buying and selling – war supplies and everything that keeps it going.
        And the riches that buy and sell the rest of us for there purpose.

  5. Steve says:

    Somehow you forgot to mention he is a registered Democrat.

  6. Charles Samsonow says:

    It doesn’t matter what party he represents, it is still wrong.
    It happens every day – every where.
    Still very sad but very true.
    That is law enforment for ya – Period.

  7. Red Wine says:

    Thank you for another informative website. The place else could I get that kind of info written in such a perfect way? I have a mission that I am just now operating on, and I’ve been on the look out for such information.

  8. Maria411 says:

    I will never forget the cry for help and the gun shot that end that cry.
    Mothers around the world knows that cry.
    I understand why Zimmerman’s mother remain quiet. How she sleep at nights I know not.

    1. Davia55 says:

      You know not at you speak…..
      This is nothing short of a lynch mob

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