CORAL SPRINGSĀ  (CBS4) – More than 100 people turned out Saturday to hand out flyers and raise awareness about Maria Claudia Murphy, the Coral Springs woman who it now appears simply wandered off, as evidence in new surveillance video released Saturday.

The video, from a water park surveillance camera and a camera aboard a Broward Transit bus, shows Murphy walking down the street, and at one point captured by the bus camera, waiting at the curb to cross the street.

Nothing in the video shared with police indicates Murphy is in any trouble or distress, but it has distressed her husband, family, and friends who don’t understand what happened, and why she appeared to have abandoned her car to walk the streets.

The people who gathered to take to street corners and hand out flyers believe that the more people who see her face, the better chance someone might have seen her recently, or know something about where she might have gone.

Police have been scouring surveillance cameras in the area, and have generated an amazing number of videos of Murphy walking, but overall the video does little to explain her actions.

The husband of Maria Claudia Murphy, whose been missing nearly a week, reviewed surveillance video Thursday morning at the Coral Springs Police Department, but couldn’t come up with anything new to help police.

Frank Murphy thanked the people who came to help Saturday, as they set up a staging area to hand out flyers.

He told CBS 4 News that he can’t understand her actions, but said he’s desperate to find her.

“It’s clear she’s not herself,” he said.

Claudia Murphy vanished last Friday soon after surveillance video captured her parking her BMW outside the El Balcon De Las Americas Colombian restaurant in the 7900 block of West Sample Road.

Surveillance video also showed Murphy walking away from the restaurant onto Sample and then later heading eastbound on Sample with a black bag slung over her shoulder.

Sometime later a family friend says he saw Claudia Murphy in front of the Volvo dealership at Copans Road and 441 in Margate. It appears she had walked about three miles from Sample Road to Copans Road.

The Murphy’s were planning to move to Nashville, Tennesse where Frank Murphy had accepted a new job. Claudia Murphy was packing up boxes and then left their house on Friday to deposit a $5,000 check in the ATM at the Bank of America on North University Drive in Coral Springs.

Her family said Claudia who was born in Colombia was looking forward to the move because the couple has a cabin nearby in Blue Ridge, Georgia and she loved the outdoors. What they fear is that Claudia may be wandering and disoriented because she had been suffering the lingering effects of food poisoning and was taking medication.

“I know she’s out there someplace and we pray to find her,” says her mother-in-law Rose Murphy.

If you have any information on Claudia Murphy’s whereabouts, please give crimestoppers a call at (954) 493-TIPS.

Comments (5)
  1. WVGIRL says:


  2. Sybil says:

    Please people! Respect her wishes and let her be. All evidence point that she left voluntarily. Stop with the pleads of ” we want her back “. What about what she wants? Accept the fact that she does not want to be found. May God protect her and guide her wherever she is.

  3. Elliott says:

    She may not have her faculties tovether and until this is known this woman may be in danger! Find her and then respect her wishes…

  4. clo56 says:

    Anyone check the airports? Colombia perhaps?

  5. carol814 says:

    To me she looked like she knew where she was going as so many other people said respect her and she will show up when she wants to and not one moment before.

    She reminded me of myself when I want to go somewhere I go for it and return when I want to and not one minute before.

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