Wade & Heat Tweet Pictures To Support Trayvon

MIAMI (CBSMiami) – Miami Heat superstar Dwyane Wade is not one known to venture into controversial topics often, but Friday, Wade addressed the Trayvon Martin shooting on Twitter.

Wade changed his Twitter avatar, or picture, to a shot of himself in a hooded sweatshirt, or hoodie. He also used the hashtags hoodies, stereotype, trayvonmartin in the post with the photo.

“This situation hit home for me because last Christmas, all my oldest son wanted as a gift was hoodies,” said Wade, who has a 10 and 14-year old son. “So when I heard about this a week ago, I thought of my sons. I’m speaking up because I feel it’s necessary that we get past the stereotype of young, black men and especially with our youth.”

A little after 1:30 p.m, the entire Miami Heat team followed suit and posted a picture of the team in hoodies.

The team picture was released on LeBron James’ Twitter account with the hashtag, #WeAreTrayvonMartin.

The use of a hoodie was a reference to what Trayvon Martih, 17, was wearing when he was gunned down in a Sanford neighborhood by a neighborhood watchman named George Zimmerman.

There have been no charges against Zimmerman yet, but the Sanford Police chief has stepped down temporarily and a new prosecutor was named to the case by Governor Rick Scott Thursday night.

Wade had started addressing the Trayvon Martin case Thursday evening when he began retweeting comments from CNN commentator Roland Martin.

“You don’t think your voice matter? 1,354,645 have signed the change.org petition demanding justice for Trayvon Martin,” Martin tweeted, which Wade retweeted. “But the Trayvon Martin case is NOT over. Keep pushing. Keep prodding. Keep planning. Keep protesting. Justice is not an overnight thing!”

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  • Dan Shame

    Eric Holder refused to press charges against the Black Panthers in Philly for intimidating white folks if they didn’t vote for Obama. Now you have the Black Panthers, no doubt being directed by Louis Farrakkan inciting the dead or alive activity in Sanford. You know what these racists want, and it can only end one way now. It’s gonna make Watts look like a picnic because this time it’s gonna start in white neighborhoods with Nation of Islam and SEIU supplying the firepower to kill white people. Just wait and see what Obama does when it starts. This has been in the planning stage for 47 years. Time to implement the plan…..

    • Jerry

      Ah…it’s enough to make Barney Frank gag…& that’s sayin’ sumptin’ !

  • nkII

    To often people conclude that for which they have no knowledge. They write out of their prejudice towards their politics and/or their own predisposed attitudes. According to the U.S. Department of Justice, based on a 20 year survey, more than 1 million whites were murdered, robbed, assaulted or raped by a black person while whites committed less than 135,000 similar crimes on blacks. In addition, most violent crimes are committed within the same racial group. For instance approximately 75% of the violent crimes committed by whites are on whites and approximately 85% of black violent crime are committed against other blacks. If one assumes, perhaps incorrectly, that any crime against a person of a different race is motivated by race then you would have to conclude that blacks are far more racist than whites. Taking one tragic potential murder and escalating to an “indicative” state of racial relations is inversely “indicative” of a dangerous political trend that should no longer be tolerated. There are approximately 2 murders every minute in the United States out of a population of nearly 312 million people. Objectively, just which way of thinking is racist? Which way is prejudice? Which way is manipulative? Which way is politically subversive?

  • Jackie

    When black men don hoodies, crime will frequently be committed.

    • Voice of reason

      Hoodies and sagging pants give the impression that the person is or wants to be a gangster. I see one and move to the other side of the street. You can’t even see whether he’s black or white, but covering their face is a sign that the person is avoiding identification. How infantile of Wade and Lebron to promote a disgraceful fashion!

  • Mike

    The Heat is wrong to act like this. Racist maybe, wrong for certain.

  • Abe Itterclinger

    Isn’t that special…the entire Heat team dressing up like the stereotypical thugs they purport that the “hoodie” shouldn’t represent. Dress up like a physician, people approach you like a physician. Dress up like a rodeo clown, people treat you like a rodeo clown. Dress up like a thug/criminal? How do you expect sensitized people to react? As I recall, and this may not be exactly how he worded it, but the Good Reverend Jackson even admitted to being apprehensive being approached by black men in an alley at night.

    • jimbo

      You are the “clown” who mentioned the word, “interclinger”. Louis sounds like a wannabe lawyer, who still cannot pass the easiest question on the bar exam.

    • beedogs

      Abe, you seem like a rather stupid person.

      • Barry bin Inhalin

        Really? What makes you say that beedogs? Please be specific – are you disagreeing with that Abe said?

        The Left can’t argue the facts so it tosses around race, insults and idealogicial dogma in its place.

      • NoQuarter

        Include “rather” whenever you comment “beedogs”. You’ll seem less stupid than you are.

    • Parker

      And hardly a word in the media about the DOUBLING of the murder rate in Chicago so far this year. Almost all Black on Black crime.

      Where are the protests?

      More murders in Chicago last weekend than in Afghanistan. But all we get from the media is stories that the race hustlers prefer.

      • Elliott carlin

        Parker hits it on the head

      • Dan

        That’s great racist rhetoric! You ever think of running for office?

    • New Orleans Grown

      Do you really think that only those who you think are thugs wears hoddies???? SO SILLY

  • Jesse, NYC

    Real classy..NOT!

    • MrLickit

      They are perpetrating a stereotype by wearing those hoodies with this stunt, just the opposite of the “right thing to do”. I’ll bet everyone doing this, walking out, chanting outrage, STILL do not realize the shooter is not white!

      • MrLickit

        hey moderator, you azz-hole, I did not write that, you edited it to fit into your little comfort zone.

      • ADMIN

        We do not alter any posted comment. If it doesn’t meet our guidelines, it’s deleted, but NEVER altered







      • Fred Beloits

        Monks of Mayhem.
        Dept of Justice numbers from 2009, most recent reliable numbers via Leon de Winter at Pajamas Media:

        “About 13% of the population is black. About 80% is white (this number includes Hispanics).
        In 2009, 2,963 white individuals were killed by white offenders. White offenders killed 209 black individuals.
        In that same year, 2,604 black individuals were killed by black offenders. And 454 white individuals were killed by black offenders.
        As we see, there is cross-racial deadly violence, but offenders mainly cause victims within their own race; it is so-called intra-racial.”

      • TweetOnThis

        More state run media “news.” Unelected officials took over Washington and the media after the coup and cover up. Even most of the comments online are financed with your tax dollars. Big brother is trying to create the perception of public opinion while burying the truth. They think you can’t handle the truth. Fact of the matter is we have no democracy, president, and freedom of press is an illusion.

        Our next election is shaping up to be as big of a sham as the last. Do you know why Sarah Palin’s bus tour was really canceled? Do you know why she stayed 30 miles away from the second debate and chose the death of Steve Jobs to announce that she’s not running? Know what leaked out? Sarah Palin and Cain aren’t in the race for the same reason, the truth leaked out.

        Search PalinsDirtyLittleSecret for the biggest cover up in world history before it disappears forever much like me.

    • bikertrash

      Hoodie is as hoodie does

  • Bobthemoron

    Hoods wearing hoods.

  • Paul

    As if the world didn’t need another reason to despise the Heat…..joining the usual posse of race hustlers to sensationalize the kid’s death. I wonder why they ignored all the previous black on unarmed black killings in Florida up until now.

    • MrLickit

      IT has nothing to do with the Heat. The White House is constantly on the lookout for any violence against a black, to turn it into a “race thing”. The mistake they made, is they saw the name, “Zimmerman”, and thought it was a white Jew. Laugh, it was an Hispanic….

      It is all about the race peddlers and Obamma, using this to deflect attention away from O’s failed presidency, and his attempt to take this country into the depths of he11 with his Marx ist policies.

      • Ren757

        It didn’t have anything to do with the Heat until they did this stupid stuff. Lost respect for all of them. What will they say if the investigation turns up that Treyvon was assaulting Zimmerman? Apparently its going that way.

    • George Oboingo

      Blacks come from a stoneage culture just 200 years ago. They will never be our equal IQ wise, mentally, family structure wise.These are disparities that make it impossible for white and black to ever be integrated fully. Whites on average will always have more and achieve more, thus making for black resentment as long as we live together. I wish i was wrong but I am not. Look at the black situation the world over, choas and coups and tribal violence.

      • Dan

        Your comment reflects approximately a fifth grade level of English proficiency. That would make your grammar equal “IQ wise” to an average 11 year old. Bring your post to a secondary education English teacher for specific critique. You should be able to find one in any sex, race, culture, or sexual orientation of your choosing.

      • New Orleans Grown

        You must be on crack to out that……..Man up!!!!!!

    • Jim

      Thumbs Up!

      • White Cracker

        I despise Thug Ball in general!

    • Rufus Jeters PH.

      1. LeBron needs to be more clutch in the closing minutes
      2. This media sensation will backfire for Obama as more whites are ticked off than blacks over this
      3. Laws have been passed that protect white gun ownership and guns have been sold to whites in large numbers so much that it is eroding the black communities ability to make a living at theft

    • Richard

      What would happen if the white players donned white hoods?

      • White Cracker

        Probably get shot!

      • Sultan of swat

        At this rate they might have to.

    • Dutra

      They all look stupid. And when the facts of the case come out (Trayvon the aggressor. Criminal record, etc.) they will look even more stupid than they are.

    • Jose

      everyday black young men rob and murder fellow black men, asian businessmen, hispanic labourers and white professionals and they never protest.
      everyone in this country should protest black robberies,killings,drug wars,single moms with 8 kids on welfare,public housing.
      stop blaming others for your problems.
      in this case we need to thoroughly investigate why martin was killed and zimmerman should be arrested and tried if he is guilty.
      but stop the blck polticians to use this tragedy to get black votes in november.

  • MrLogical

    Am I wrong or did I hear today that Mr. Zimmerman is actually Hispanic, and that he has black relatives and friends? Why is this guy being stereotyped as a ‘white supremacist’? Isn’t stereotyping being criticized here, or is stereotyping a one-way street?

    • GrandInquisitor

      Q – When do Hispanics become white?
      A – When the kill a black

      • Ronaldo510

        Where and when was he stereotyped as a white supremacist? It seems like your just making stuff up.

      • Diana

        When you have a white father, his father is white so that make him a red neck

      • Brian

        So does that men Obama is also white because he has a white parent and was raised my his white grandparents? Race is only an issue in America now as an excuse. Together we are all destroying our country

      • Fred Beloits

        You had better ask the Democraticans in Congress about that, They are the ones who made the term Hispanic apply to whites who spoke Spanish. This came from their Minority Division and Race-baiting Headquarters in DC.

    • Denny

      Doesn’t matter that the shooter was Hispanic, ianytime the blacks can make a case for racism they will even when the FACTS clearly point otherwise. And they wonder why America has no use for these lazy ass welfare sucking losers.

      • Original Man

        Sad people, once again you are not taking in the context in which the response was written. Not surprised at sultan of ball sweats response.

      • Original Man

        Check your facts nut bag! There are more whites on welfare than Blacks!

      • nkII

        So, you are surprised that there are more “whites”on welfare than “black”! Are you also surprised to know that there are over 180 million “whites” and 26 million blacks? In addition, will you be equally surprised to know how the government defines “welfare”? Well, the definition includes social security, medicaid, aid to families with dependent children, food and food stamps, public housing, etc. In fact, the definition is so broad that it mean, “all entitlement programs funded through taxes.” Your statement that “whites” receive more welfare than “blacks”, either on a numbers, percentage, or dollar bases are meaningless when you understand how the present government uses those numbers.

      • anita daeoph

        Original- You are correct; however, if you get down to it %wise one would find Black-American are the higher % when comparing them to the number of Black-Americans in the USA versus % of caucasian.

        How one presents themself is a factor on how someone gets treated(if it looks like a thug, acts like a thug, etc..). Martin was not street smart and now he is dead; Zimmerman seems to just be an over zealous wanna-be. I believe everyone jumped the gun, finding Zimmerman guilty before the facts were out.

        Regardless, it is unfortuanate to lose a loved one, especially in such a violent manner.

      • Sultan of swat

        Original man-hey nut sack, 99.99% of blacks could be killers, and you would say “not all are like that”. You go live with ’em if you feel that way. 50% black men are felons, whassup with that scrot sack?

    • scott vines

      The idiotic race-baiters don’t realize that “hispanic” isn’t a racial category. Mr. Zimmerman apparently has some German and possibly even some Jewish ancestry. So what? The socialist/statist establishment media and the White House want to exploit the incident, so the man becomes a “white, southern cracker with a gun as his noose” in the minds of black and liberal racist hypocrites. We’re tired of your stupidity.

    • Jimmy Carter

      This is what happens when Africans can’t control themselves and react to every situation with violence. It is clear now that the young African attacked Mr. Zimmerman and wouldn’t stop. The African community needs to train its young warriors not to attack in every situation that they feel uncomfortable. 1 million years ago this instinct was a desirable trait…but today, that mutated gene is counterproductive.

      • Original Man

        I have never referred to myself as African…..and as for nkII, I don’t need a history lesson. After reading nkll’s response….seems that I’ve made my point.

      • nkII

        Mr Original Man you are correct. You don’t need a history lesson you need two course: One in history and the other in analytics. When you are PROVEN to be wrong you insist that the proof that demonstrates you are wrong proves that you were correct! Your other comments, some of which I replied to are also equally skewed. Are you going to stand by your comment that “Africans” are Americans and that the Indians are the “real Americans”? Being an American means loyalty to America and to no other country or continent. Being a “real” American doesn’t mean you lived on the continent before it was named nor before it became the United States of America.

      • White Cracker

        The dude was Cuban/Mexican that tells me he not white!

      • Original Man

        Africans? Are you insinuating that Blacks are not real Americans? Why don’t we ask the Indians who the real Americans are?

      • nkII

        You are obviously well founded in history. Europeans named the two “American” continents NOT the Indians! Indian nations were a scattering of tribes on this continent with loyalty to “their” nations. Americans are the people that made this nation possible, built it, and came to improve their lives. “Blacks” that claim they are “African” are NOT Americans. They are “African”. Any “whites” that claim they are “Europeans” are NOT Americans. Those of us that are Americans left where we came from behind us and BECAME Americans.

      • White Cracker

        Original man, no offense to you. If you want to be called African before American I just dropped the American cause no reason to hide behind such a great word like American! He already hates America so stop hating the American part and just call yourself African! Go to Africa and see how bad it sucks and see what a great nation this is! Sure it has faults, but there is no place in the world like this place!

  • http://atommc.wordpress.com atommc

    Wade, you give a bad name to jocks. Before you go accusing Zimmerman (who incidentally isn’t white) of murder him you might want to know:
    What time did incident happen?
    How far away from area did Treyvon live?
    Was the neighborhood on the route to his house?
    Was it too hot in Orlando for a hoodie?

    • http://inthepublicinterest.wordpress.com tnmccoy

      All good questions. What was Martin’s background and previous legal status? Why was a neighborhood watch necessary? What about Martin’s blood alcohol or drug levels? The same with the shooter. You see, there are so many open questions that will be answered in a court case. We don’t need black posses out there trying to string the guy up. Sharpton, Jackson, Farrakhan, and Obama should crawl back under their rocks.

      • Sultan of swat

        Looking at the long term, like i like to do….i do not see how white & blaack can live together. In truth africans make us more miserable each and every year. Whats in it for whites., except no peace of mind in dealings with blacks. I predict in 20 years a new Jim Crow emerges.And someone will draft RG3 second under black fan pressure.

  • william devine

    yeah this “child” victim” turns out to be 6’2 grown man and the “white shooter” isn’t white. good job Mr president stirring racial hate. eyewitness said zimmerman was under attack and calling for help

    • Scott

      Right on!

  • Rufus Jeters PH.

    Blacks and Obama overplayed their hand on this one. We are sick of the chaos, illigitimacy, crime, and hate that run amuck wherever blacks live in great numbers.
    Whites have so much power to disconnect with blacks. Do we really need them?No….do they need us?yes

  • Infidel

    Hoodies…This is how the sport of basketball has devolved. Really, that’s their entire game, a little solidarity, and a good game. I remember when it used to be a respectable sport, when players were heroes to be looked up to, unlike now with street thugs taking over the game. You’ll notice they lack the intellect for anything complicated.

    • Kent

      95% of these “players” would be lucky holding a job washing dishes. Most of them would be in jail.

    • anita daeoph

      Infidel- You are so correct. I used to love to watch the NBA, now it seems like nothing but a game full of ball-hog thugs.

  • Bogus Boggs

    This kid’s death is a tragedy, but where was this outpouring of anger over the murder of Jamiel Shaw in March 2008? He was a 17 year old African-American who busted his butt to get good grades in school all the while busting his butt on the football field. He was looking at a scholarship to Stanford, and would have gone there if not for the fact while less than three blocks from his home, he was gunned down by a Latino member of the 18th Street gang. Why did they shoot him? Because they asked him who he was “with”, and when he said no one, they shot him to death anyway. Oh yeah, his mother was in the Army serving in Iraq at the time, only to find out her son had been murdered by an illegal alien gang member who had been released from County the night before! Where were the protests against his murder? Where was the righteous indignation over this heinous crime? Where were the pro basketball players calling for justice in this case? Where was Jesse? Where was Al? Where?

    • jondos

      Great point for reflection. I wonder why there IS a difference? If you REALLY care about one, you HAVE to care about the other!

    • Fred

      Simple, the cold blooded killer’s name is hispanic ‘Espinoza’ not Jewish ‘Zimmerman’.

      The left is so desperate to stir up racial hatred they’ve gone beyond skin color and are now resorting to surnames.

  • Kevin

    More cheap symbolism.

  • Tvoe

    “Chicago, former home of president obama, on Wednesday reached 100 homicides for the year—the fastest the city has hit this mark in at least seven years,police data show.

    Seventeen homicides have been recorded in the last week—including four each on Saturday and Sunday, a analysis of preliminary police information found”

    These 100 murder in Chicago, the vast majority of which are committed by people of color on people of color, count for NOTHING. But 1 murder in Florida requires the president to insert his opinion in order to gain POLITICAL points.

  • Concerned Citizen

    if i saw that in my yard at night, i’d shoot it

  • Barack Obama Eats Krap

    The NBA is as full of black thugs as the National Felon League and BOTH SUCK!

  • pete

    This POTUS needs the black votes. What do you expect him to do. Can you imagine the out cry if he stood silent. All i have to say, is lock and lo/ad. If they want to say he’s hispanic to have the blacks attack us, well bring it on. I’ll take a few down with me. Cheers!!.

    • Ronaldo510

      You should probably loosen the straps on your tin-foil hat alittle. Barring that, why don’t you try holding your breath until the start of the race war you so desperately crave and save the oxygen for the rest of us.

      • Silence Dogood

        Do you deny that the president is a race-baiter? Please! The evidence is rampant. Remember the infamous “beer summit” after Barry Hussein stuck his nose in the Harvard police’s business? Hmmmm? Or do you choose to conveniently forget every shred of evidence that BHO uses race to his advantage at every turn?

        I’m NOT advocating violence or a race war, but people like YOU need to have the intellectual honesty to admit that BHO is fanning the flames of racism. Get over yourself!

      • Kent

        Renaldo is a racist. Our POTUS is the worst to ever occupy the white house and has done more damage than can be calculated. He leaves a stain that will take years to fix. So when he is backed up he reverts to the usual black trick of playing the race card. SUPRISE! IT DOESNT WORK ANYMORE!! People have figured it out like the boy who cries wolf. Personaly I think its great that people have started to realize this and the blacklash is going to be fun to watch.

  • pete

    Do you know how many blacks kill other blacks on a daily basis, especially on june teen day. I don;t hear the out cry from Jesse Jackson and gang. They encourage violence. Will all we can do is protect our selves and our families against these thugs. Come on white folks, blacks can’t stand ya’ll and ya’ll fear them. Millions of white folks voted for Obama. You have a choice this Nov. Get this thug out of the white house.

    • White Cracker

      Look at all the Black Africans killing each other in New Orleans, Chicago, Washington D.C., ect! Get over your self Jessie, Fat Al Sharpton and all CNN, NBC, CBS, ABC! The dude was Hispanic! He’s not white. A Cuban/Mexican killed a African!

      • Original Man

        @ nkII
        The meaning of the post is that we’ve been called worse. Funny that you read into “African” so deeply instead of placing the attack where it belongs…..the comments of the white cracker.

      • nkII

        My comments nor your comments clearly have nothing to do with being “called worse.” The comments are based on the factual situation and miss direction will not change that basis. So, address the rebuttal. I do not believe you have stated and supported any position with any evidence that what is being said is not true. Finally, the terms you use to identify yourself or others is illustrative of your emphasis. Everyone, regardless of how they got here (US citizens), need to subordinate their heritage to the “American” heritage. I’m 2nd generation this country and I’m an American citizen and my full undivided loyalty is to the United States of America. For this reason, YOUR bringing up “African” makes it a topic and if it is possible to “read into” what you mean then you need to tighten up your comments so that they aren’t an issue. My issue is with your comments in response to White Cracker. I would not phrase my comments as White Cracker phrased them. However, in substance he/she is generally correct in the substance of what he wrote.

      • Original Man

        African….you are so stupid that you think that’s an insult.

      • nkII

        Believe what you want but, “African” is not a compliment. Those that proudly wear that banner are in the wrong country. If you think the continent of Africa is a symbol of what the world should be like then it would sure be “dark” as the primitive culture that seems to have arisen out of it.

  • chesterthe

    Stupid is as stupid does….How about all you finger pointing “jurists” wait to get on the jury & hear all the evidence before you go lynching this fool?

  • the truth will set you free

    thats why blacks hate tebow the kids see the contrast between tim and their carjacking, home invading,crack dealing,gangster parents or parent because their father already moved on to knock up their 5th,6th,or7th mother

    • concretetundra

      Why is it that anybody with the word TRUTH in their name never ever ever says anything TRUTHFUL? Hundreds and hundreds of people on the Internet have the word TRUTH in their names and I have yet to see any of them say something truthful. That’s the TRUUUUUTH.

    • Kent

      What enflames them more is when its pointed out. Blacklash is comeing.

    • Original Man

      You are a real idiot! Blacks were Kings when your people came crawling out of Europe on all fours.

      • Dvoraszenik

        And you show everyone who the real racists are and always have been. Even your name is racist. Well done coward.

      • Major Tom

        What a moronic statement. Get off the kool aid clown.

      • nkII

        Irrespective of whether or not what you write WAS true the FACT is that “blacks” seem that have been regressive in their development as a culture while those inferior “whites” have moved forward from where they started. In addition, if you are in fact an expert in anthropology, which I doubt, you would know that the human race started in Africa and with the head start, like the head start program, haven’t done much with their head start. Friend, we are not going to put up with the culture of entitlement that some “blacks” have much longer. Nearly every city “blacks” government, now the nation, you have managed to miss manage it and people flee, including “blacks”, to get away from that culture. Opportunity becomes something when someone does something with it.

      • Octavius

        I know, and we blacksl invented peanut butter flying machines and the moving picture, and the iron horse and the auto carriage. Yes sub-sahara Africa, where african race is really from(not Arab peninsula) has no remnants of any civilization except shrunken heads. No irrigation trenches no wheel. Look at Detroit being dismantled into open fields and ruins.A real black man can admit his limitations.

  • Heavily Armed Irishman

    Only a fool doesn’t have an AK-47 by now. Keep one bedside and one in your truck.

  • rex dart eskimo spy

    clearly this man is bulling every freedom loving neighborhood watch member in the world. maybe if the president would throw out all the illegals, fewer blacks thugs would have to be afraid of hispanics.

    • White Cracker

      Damn, why didnt I think of that one???

  • stacie

    Since the MSM finally admitted that Zimmerman is Hispanic and Not white, it’s not as much fun to stir the pot….

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