Big Story:
Well, the Heat and Panthers both are in action tonight, but the big sports story in South Florida continues to be the complete ineptitude of the Miami Dolphins organization, also known as the Keystone Cops/Three Stooges of the NFL.

Lyric of the day:
“Just like the pied piper, led rats through the streets. We dance like marionettes, swinging to the symphony….of destruction.”

Miami Dolphins:
That’s your answer to losing out on Peyton Manning and Matt Flynn…signing David Garrard.
What, was Jamarcus Russell not available?
Seriously, Garrard threw for as many touchdown passes as I did last year.
The Jaguars chose Blaine Gabbert over him and Gabbert couldn’t hit the broad side of a barn last year.
This is the big answer, David Garrard.
He’s a one-year fix, but honestly I don’t think he’s any better than Matt Moore.
At least Moore was here last year and put in the work, Garrard is 34, which in NFL years for a guy with back problems is way past social security years.
Seriously, it’s getting sad at this point and I feel bad for the season ticket holders who re-upped before free agency began.
So what does this move tell us?
First, Garrard is a one-year fix who will compete with Matt Moore for the starting job this year.
Second, there’s no one else left in free agency that Fins are going to look at.
Third, and most importantly, the team must be targeting Ryan Tannehill in the draft at this point.
Otherwise, they’ve given up on this year and are focusing on 2013 already.
Tannehill is a big, strong-armed kid, but he struggled with accuracy and that’s not a good thing considering he was playing in the defensively challenged Big XII.
For his career, Tannehill threw 42 touchdowns to 21 interceptions in college.
Do that in the SEC and I’m impressed, in the Big XII, that’s average.
On the bright side, if you draft Tannehill and he flames out at quarterback, you can always slide him outside to wide receiver like Texas A&M did.
The other quarterback to keep an eye on in the draft is Brandon Weeden.
If Miami doesn’t take a quarterback early, they’re targeting Weeden, who may be available late in Round 1 or early Round 2.
Just for statistical comparison sake, Weeden in 2011, 37 touchdowns to 13 interceptions.
I’m just saying.
If that’s not the case and the Dolphins are going into the season with Garrard as the starter….then this franchise is screwed.
Seriously, if Garrard is your answer….please step aside and let someone who knows something about football take over….please.

Heat: (vs. Phoenix Suns, 7:30 p.m.)
The Miami Heat return to the court tonight to take on the Phoenix Suns.
The Heat haven’t looked the same since losing Bosh for a few games and then getting him back.
Bosh played better against the Magic, but there’s still something missing from the lineup.
I don’t mean Derek Fisher, who is NOT needed.
But I would like to see Norris Cole fight through the rookie wall he’s hit.
He’s played in more games this year than he ever has in his career and his numbers have tailed off.
He’s gotta keep playing through it to be ready for the playoff push.
I think the Heat just aren’t motivated much right now as their attention is focused squarely on the playoffs.
That’s a dangerous place to be with a game against Oklahoma City coming up Sunday.
Something tells me they will be focused in for that game, which will likely be an NBA Finals preview.
I’m putting LeBron on Kevin Durant and telling him if he gets the ball, stick to him like glue.
Put Wade on Westbrook and Joel on Ibaka.
But that’s just me.
As for the Suns, Phoenix continues to defy logic on age, but I think it will catch up with them soon enough.
The Heat should be able to handle Phoenix easily tonight, which would be a good way to close out a home stand before heading out on the road.

Florida Panthers: (@Philadelphia Flyers, 7:00 p.m., Fox Sports Florida)
The last time the Panthers were on the ice, they took a thrilling shootout from the Buffalo Sabres and completed a four-game home sweep.
The last time the Panthers were on the ice against the Flyers, they were getting drilled 5-0.
Needless to say, something’s got to give tonight.
Philly’s pretty much got a playoff spot locked up.
Florida on the other hand is just three points ahead of Washington after the Caps won last night and closed in on the idle Panthers.
The Panthers need points any way they can get them.
A tie or a win is good enough and that’s all Florida needs from here on out.
Luckily, after tonight’s game against Philadelphia, Florida will be matched up with some of the worst teams in hockey over the last two weeks of March.
After tonight’s game, the Cats have just 10 games left.
Out of those 10 games, just 3 are against teams at or above .500.
That should be enough for the Panthers to get into the playoffs for the first time in more than a decade I believe.
How about that, the Panthers make the playoffs, the Heat make the playoffs, the Marlins will challenge for the playoffs, and the Dolphins, well they suck.

Marlins: (vs. Tampa Bay Devil Rays, 1:05 p.m.)
The Marlins sent Anibal Sanchez out to the mound yesterday and he proceeded to get shellacked by the Astros.
That’s like losing a football argument with Jeff Ireland.
Can’t say I’m liking what I’m seeing so far in Spring training for the Fish.
But, I want to see how JJ is in his start Tuesday before passing too much judgement.
Unfortunately for Marlins fans, Giancarlo (Mike) Stanton’s knee may keep him out through opening night.
If so, that will be a huge loss for the Cardinals game that night.
Still, I want Stanton healthy for the long-term, so if he misses opening night, so be it.
Get him healthy because hardly any player on the Marlins roster, or any other roster, can get as much pop on the ball as he can.
Seriously, if you’re going to a game, get there early for batting practice and watch him launch the ball to Kendall.
If he’s not in the home run derby contest this year, it’s a shame.
He’ll win it soon enough.

That’s it for today.
Thankfully, no more Peyton.
Apparently no more Alex Smith either.
Looks like the Dolphins may retreat back into their turtle shell to avoid the media and the fans.
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