MIAMI ( – Apple’s new iPad goes on sale Friday, and if you failed to pre-order one to be delivered to your home, you can try to snag one of the relative few expected to be available at retail outlets.

While traditionally the media shows people lining up at an Apple Store for the company’s latest device, there are other places in South Florida where iPads will be available, and at one store, sales will start hours before Apple will be selling it.

What is not known, in most cases, is how many units of each type of iPad each store will have.


Walmart stores have been selling iPads for over a year, and Apple has given them an allocation of new iPads.Because most of their stores are open 24 hours, Walmart will begin selling the new iPads at midnight, 8 hours before they go on sale at Apple stores.

Find the closest Walmart stores to your home here.


Apple Stores will open at 8 a.m. for the iPad sale, though if you want to buy there, consider checking out lines hours in advance, as the biggest fans generally tend to show up and wait.

There are Apple stores from South Miami-Dade through Palm Beach county.

Find the closest Apple stores to you here.


This is the area’s largest electronics retailers in terms of number of stores, and they have sold the iPad since the first model. They have been given an allocation by Apple, and will start selling at 10 a.m. People have been known to line up at Best Buy stores, but not usually in the numbers seen at Apple. If you want one here, check your preferred store out early. Managers will be handing out tickets for available units at 8 a.m.

Find the closest Best Buy stores to your home here.


Both Verizon and AT&T sell iPads with data plans. Verizon does not mention selling iPads in stores, but has indicated it will take orders online. AT&T stores will open at 9 a.m. but they don’t say specifically that they will have iPads in stores to sell.


BrandsMart stores sell iPads, but the company said only 3 units will be available at each store. BrandsMart stores will open at 9 a.m., and iPad sales are first come, first served.

Find the Brandsmart Store closest to your home

Radio Shack stores had been taking pre-orders on the new iPad, and indicate they will have some in stores to sell.

Find the Radio Shack store closest to your home.

Sams Club also plans to offer iPads but you must be a member to shop there for the best price. Some stores open at 7 a.m, for business members.

Find the Sams Club closest to your home

Target Stores have also been selling iPads, and are expected to have some available for sale Friday. Most stores are open at 8 a.m.

Find the Target store closest to your home.

A couple of final suggestions if you simply must have a new iPad Friday:

  • Some stores let you check stock online. That might he helpful Saturday, but Friday, the numbers will be meaningless. If you want to check available stock at stores, be prepared to go there.
  • Don’t expect to drive up and walk out. Come early, and be prepared to wait.
  • Consider waiting a bit and ordering one online. Most stores will yet you do that, but you are likely to get the fastest fulfillment from Apple. However, Apple said it has sold out of pre-orders, and even standard orders will take more time. Currently, Apple predicts orders placed today will take 2-3 weeks to ship.
  • If you simply can’t wait, see you  in line.

Please share your iPad hunting comments below: how long did it take, where did you find yours, did you get what you wanted?


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