MIAMI (CBSMiami) – Just weeks before the Miami Marlins open their first season inside Marlins Park, Little Havana residents are complaining that the city is unfairly imposing more restrictions on their parking around the Stadium.

They cite a rash of parking tickets issued just a few weeks ago to residents who live along Northwest 3rd Street just south of the Park.

But Art Noriega, the Director of Miami’s Parking Authority, tells CBS4’s Peter D’Oench that those complaints are exaggerated and he met with concerned Little Havana residents on Thursday night to address their concerns and tell them that his agency was doing all it could to ease the congestion.

“The intent is to make life easier for them, not harder,” said Noriega.

Along Northwest 3rd Street between 14th and 15th Avenues, residents told D’Oench they saw residents receiving a rash of tickets a few weeks ago.

“I feel bad for the people I saw being ticketed,” said resident Alfredo Padilla. “In five years I have never seen this problem before.”

Another resident, who did not want to be identified, “I saw this lady from the city going all the way down and giving out tickets. I feel so bad about this. We support the construction of the park. The dust and wind was so bad during construction. People should not have to pay to park along the street.”

“It’s terrible,” he said. “People live through construction and now they have to pay to park.”

Noriega told CBS4, “The only tickets that were given out was a few weeks ago. They were limited. About five tickets were given out for driveways being blocked.”

Noriega said the Parking Authority would monitor the situation.

The Parking Authority manages four parking garages and six lots near the Park.

Residents have complained that they losing on-street parking to Marlins employes and that they do not have access to parking lots.

The Parking Authority is exploring the possibility of issuing residential parking permits and is also looking into making changes on six streets, setting up either no parking zones or residential parking only.

Those streets are Northwest 3rd, 4th and 6th streets and Northwest 14th, 15th and 16th Avenues.

The Parking Authority plans to run some Public Service Announcements and send out e-mail messages to alert the public about parking around Marlins Park.

Parking will be a challenge, particularly when games draw big crows.

Marlins Park has 37,000 seats but there are just 5700 on-site parking spaces.

But Noriega says that is twice the amount of parking spaces that were available “on site” for football games at the Orange Bowl.

Officials hope many people will car pool, use trolleys and find alternative parking in areas around the Stadium, that include many private parking lots and even parking near the Metro Justice Building.

Apartment buildings and homeowners also will open up their lots for parking.

Monica Schneider says she and her husband have room for at least 30 cars on her lawn during game days at her home along Northwest 15th Avenue and 8th Street. “We’ll charge a competitive price, whatever the Marlins are charging for parking, say $15 to whatever is being charged.”

“It’s not hard to find parking,” she said. “People just need to look around.”

Despite some complaints already about parking near the Stadium, Marlins fans who D’Oench spoke with not concerned.

“I’m pretty sure I’ll find parking just like I did at the UM football games,” said Henry Padilla.

“I am not worried,” said Juan Echeverria. “I just want to go to games. I’ll take the bus. I’ll take the taxi.”

The Marlins parking was the topic of conversation inside Enriqueta’s Cuban restaurant on Northeast 29th Street in Miami.

“We’re such huge fans,” said Jeida Gonzalez. “We don’t mind parking problems. We will make it through.”

Fans received some good news Thursday as the Marlins announced the single-game parking passes would be made available to the public at the garages and surrounding lots.

That parking had been reserved for season ticket holders, Marlins players and staff and the media.

The Marlins host the New York Yankees On April 1 and 2 for two exhibition games and will open the season on April 4th when the St. Louis Cardinals come to town.

Those games will draw huge crowds and will be the first big tests of parking at and around the Stadium.

Comments (10)
  1. Ed Raduns says:

    $15.00 , for ALL DAY parking, can you imagine how long it’s gonna take you to get out of high rise garage ???? Park in the streets and do yourself a favor.

  2. Greg says:

    That’s right, Do yourself a favor & park at someone’s house around the stadium! It will help all the right people, the Marlins are already making out like bandits!!! The people around the stadium have experience parking cars for Dolphins, Hurricanes, & a host of other events for decades! Those spaces at peoples houses are easier to get in and out of, than those high rise parking garages…..NOT FOR ME!!!! I’m sticking with the people, their nicer also!!!!!!!!

  3. Lena says:

    and I’m sure these people will report this income & pay taxes on it, right? sure they will, enjoy the game

  4. Future neighborhood parker says:

    WOW! What an awful remark, are you an IRS agent? Are you generally suspicious of people? If these people need the money & deposit the money in their accounts to pay bills, they will also have to declare that money as income and pay taxes on that money. On the other hand LENA, THE MARLINS HAVE RIPPED OFF THE CITY OF MIAMI IN THE WORSE WAY IMAGINABLE, AND THEY ARE ALSO RECEIVING TAX BENEFITS FOR 20 YEARS. SO THE PEOPLE THAT HAVE ALREADY PAID FOR EVERYTHING AND PAY THEY FAIR SHARE OF TAXES WILL ALSO PAY EVEN MORE TAXES ON THIS PETTY LITTLE AMOUNT OF MONEY THEY MAKE FROM PARKING. You are a very kind and understanding person….NOT!

  5. Robert Brands says:

    What Idiots planned and approved the brand new “state of the art” ballpark while we all paid for it. For any sporting event Parking: easy, convenient and reasonably priced is key! If you build it they will come only counts if we can park!

    1. Urestes Castillo says:

      People have been parking successfully for decades without the big parking garages for Dolphins & Hurricanes games that would bring anywhere from 40,000 to 77,000 people, and all with the help of the locals that allow parking in their yards. This stadium only holds 37,500 max! That’s it! Parking will never be a problem, now let’s see if the Miami Marlins are a good enough team to attract fans.

  6. Nuff said says:

    A recipe for failure. People will not carpool or park and take trolleys and Tri-rail doesn’t operate for night games. In 5 years the franchise will be the San Antonio Alamos or whatever. Just a huge waste of money with a design flaw so apparent it’s stunning. Do the Marlins think their market is so loyal that the fans will suffer this insult and turn out anyway? Trust me, ain’t no one driving down from Broward and Palm Beach Counties.

  7. Urestes Castillo says:

    I live across the new Miami Marlins Stadium. I did park cars in my yard and made $150.00, this is not a rich neighborhood. We need the extra money, this is a low income area close to downtown in the NW. I’m sure Lena lives in a better neighborhood and would never consider living here, so how much in taxes would satisfy you Lena, 50%. Also I would love to enjoy the game but I nor my neighbors can afford the tickets to go. But we are glad for those who go and grateful for the little we get to earn from their parking and we hope they enjoy themselves!

  8. WHATTAGUARD says:


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