MIAMI (CBS4) – A sophisticated scam is running rampant nationwide, and even the savviest taxpayers are falling for it.

And all it takes is the click of a mouse.

You think you’re connecting to the IRS website, but it’s really an email from scammers.

The Better Business Bureau has issued an urgent warning: beware of all the new email tax scams going out to taxpayers nationwide.

The newest scam comes in the form of a bogus email saying you’re entitled to a tax refund. It looks like the real thing with the IRS logo and graphics.

The subject line says “IRS Notification-Please Read This” and goes on to say, “To access the form for your tax refund please click here.” Officials say that is where the trouble begins.

With just the click of a mouse, they have you and total access to your computer, infecting it with software to steal your identity.

“It literally goes in there and seeks out your passwords, your bank account information, so you really could be in a very vulnerable position,” said Claire Rosenzweig with the Better Business Bureau.

IRS spokesperson Dianne Besunder says this latest tax trick preys on fear. Who wouldn’t get nervous being contacted by the IRS?

But that’s not how they do business.

“The IRS never initiates contact with taxpayers concerning their tax accounts neither through email through text messaging or social media sites,” said Besunder.

The IRS says if it needs to communicate with you it’ll mail you a letter, it has your address and knows how to find you.

The agency warns it doesn’t use email, and doesn’t ask for personal information over the internet.

  1. John says:

    After all the years of warnings and reports on these type of email scams, if you fall for it, you deserve what you get!

    I can teach ignorant people.. ignorant means you don’t know
    I can’t teach stupid.. that’s your mommas fault

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