Man Sentenced To 10 Years For Running Over Man With His Car

FORT LAUDERDALE (CBS4) – A Fort Lauderdale man caught on camera running over a man with his car learned his fate in a Broward courtroom Friday.

Frank Parker will spend 10 years in prison, and then serve 10 years probation for the December 2009 incident outside a Fort Lauderdale convenience store.

The victim John Hill says it all started when he told Parker not to park on his lawn. That’s when, Hill said, Parker began chasing him with his car. As Hill ran away, he fell and ended up underneath the vehicle. He was knocked unconscious as bystanders began to lift the car off of him.  Hill says he thinks the sentence was fair.  “I think everything was very happy with the verdict and how things went along and I want to give thanks to God to my mom, to my wife my children and the people that lifted the car off me too,” he said.

Hill suffered a broken pelvis, fractured jaw, and a severed ear. His recovery took six months.

“The injuries I have suffered internally are still there and will be there permanently,” said Hill.

In court Friday, Parker apologized.

“I really didn’t mean to do what I did,” said Parker. “I apologize deep down I’m so sorry.”

His attorney Thomas Weiss, told the judge that his client is bi-polar.  Weiss said he’s satisfied with the sentence.

“It’s very sad for Mr. Hill, sad for Mr. Parker, sad for the families,” said Weiss. “There are no winners. Mr. Parker is very sick.”

Parker’s wife didn’t want her husband to serve any time. Hill said he can sympathize “I felt some tenderness for the family because I’m the man of God and I have a heart,” but added, “Someone has to pay.”

After Parker’s 10 year sentence, the judge ordered him to undergo a mental health evaluation to see if he needs treatment or hospitalization.  He will then serve ten years probation.


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