POMPANO BEACH (CBS4) – A violent fight between a Broward Sheriff’s deputy and a man inside a Pompano Beach fast food restaurant was all caught on camera.

While the deputy fought to restrain the suspect, two homeless men stepped in to help.The surveillance video at a Pompano Beach McDonald’s captured it all.

The incident began around 8 am Saturday when investigators say Patrick Davis is seen trying to steal a backpack from a homeless man, Michael Wyatt. Deputies say Davis was armed with a metal rod.

The two men struggled for the bag and finally, Davis let go.

“It was just total disrespect to walk in between my friends and walk off with my property,” Wyatt, an unemployed elevator installer, told CBS 4 News. Wyatt said he and some friends were about to begin their daily job search when Davis grabbed his bag, which was full of “dirty laundry and resumes.”

Minutes later, Broward Sheriff’s deputy Kevin Meyer walked in the restaurant looking to arrest Davis.

Deputy Meyer put Davis on the ground but the deputy was unable to handcuff him. Then Davis exhibited what the deputy called “super human strength” in his official report.

“He appeared to have super human strength and threw me off him and knocked my lapel mic down preventing me from calling for assistance,” the deputy noted.

“It was basically instantly that he tensed up where he tensed up and just pushed me off him like I was a feather,” Meyer said. “It just shows you how in a spit second you can go from 0 to 100.”

The video shows Davis getting up off the floor and nearly flipping the deputy over. The two men struggled and Davis body slammed the deputy to the ground.

Deputy Meyer lost his handcuffs, glasses and his radio got knocked loose so he couldn’t call for backup. The deputy said Davis did not respond to being tased twice.

With the armed deputy in trouble several homeless men — including Wyatt and his friend Jose Ramos — stepped in and helped to restrain Davis. Wyatt was one of several people who grabbed Davis’ leg, while Ramos was the first person to jump in and helped hold Davis’s arms and body.

“I’m thinking the worst scenario — was if that guy would’ve gotten a hold of that gun, none of us would have been here today to tell that story,” Wyatt said.

Ramos, an unemployed refrigerator repairman, said he saw Davis go for the officer’s gun belt.

“That’s where I jumped in and said this man is gonna kill that officer,” Ramos told CBS 4’s Carey Codd. “I ain’t gonna let that happen.”

Deputy Meyer appreciated the help.

“I think they’re phenomenal,” Meyer said. “They didn’t have to get involved and they did.”

Another deputy arrived and the group was finally able to subdue Davis — who Meyer believes was under the influence of drugs. Davis was taken to jail and deputies say on the way he kicked out the window of a patrol car.

Davis is charged with battery on a law enforcement officer and several other charges including two outstanding cocaine offenses.

“This was just a gentleman who needed to go to jail and hopefully stay in jail,” Meyer said.

Deputy Meyer suffered bruised ribs and other minor injuries but said he was not seriously hurt.

Meanwhile, BSO says they plan to honor the homeless men who stepped in to help the deputy.

Ramos said the deputy’s praise is honor enough.

“I’m proud, very proud,” he said. “I did something good. It’s a good feeling. A beautiful feeling.”

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  1. greg sorrells says:

    thats great that these 2 homeless men heiped this deputy more people need to get involved when someone is being attacked

  2. Webmaster says:

    Came here for a video because it says “caught on camera”. Find no video, no link or even the PICTURE Consumerist posted as the thumbnail to this story. Thanks for wasting my time Mr. Codd. I can tell how much you payed attention is “Media Writing 101”

    And while I’m ranting…..MY GOD…..this website design is horrible. I can barely read what I’m typing because CBS decided it was in the best interest of the company to have light-gray text on top of the all white comment box. That along with this “beach” background that doesn’t reach the margins and is all washed out like I’m starring into the sun doesn’t help.

    Damn this website sucks. But you get the last laugh CBS, because I’ve spent 10 minutes of my life complaining about this website and this comment is going to be deleted 5 seconds after it’s found.

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