Something Extra: Is South Florida Really That Bad?

MIAMI (CBS4) – Aren’t you tired of all these national surveys that keep finding how awful life is in  South Florida and how terrible South Floridians are?

Miami is the most miserable city in the country, Fort Lauderdale seventh.  Miami is the worst-run city in the country, we have one of the worst commutes, we are the most vain Americans and Miami Beach is one of the trashiest cities for spring break.

It never ends.

A new study claims we are the worst tourist kleptomaniacs.

Apparently, when we travel, we steal more stuff from hotels than people from any other American city.  A whopping fifty two per cent of us surveyed admitted to having sticky fingers at hotels, a lot worse than the thirty nine per cent national average.

We also take more vacation…  twenty one days a year… the national average is fifteen.

And we go camping a lot less…  big surprise…  not a whole lot variety for camping here.

As I’ve said before, these surveys are compiled by people up north, freezing in the winter, and trying to justify why they live there and not here.  If we have it so bad, why do they keep coming to visit?


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