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MIAMI (CBS4) – Aren’t you tired of all these national surveys that keep finding how awful life is in  South Florida and how terrible South Floridians are?

Miami is the most miserable city in the country, Fort Lauderdale seventh.  Miami is the worst-run city in the country, we have one of the worst commutes, we are the most vain Americans and Miami Beach is one of the trashiest cities for spring break.

It never ends.

A new study claims we are the worst tourist kleptomaniacs.

Apparently, when we travel, we steal more stuff from hotels than people from any other American city.  A whopping fifty two per cent of us surveyed admitted to having sticky fingers at hotels, a lot worse than the thirty nine per cent national average.

We also take more vacation…  twenty one days a year… the national average is fifteen.

And we go camping a lot less…  big surprise…  not a whole lot variety for camping here.

As I’ve said before, these surveys are compiled by people up north, freezing in the winter, and trying to justify why they live there and not here.  If we have it so bad, why do they keep coming to visit?

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  1. ger says:

    These surveys are compiled by real idiots who want to have something to publish. We have to admit that South Florida, and especially Miami, is a unique part of the United States–so unique that it is a Latin American and European city. This is threatening to the fat people of the middle US, and we don’t need them here.

  2. Mike S says:

    I think most people who criticize South Florida are long timers who remember the way it used to be and liked the the area better in the 60s, 70s and even early 80s before is became so urbanized and overdeveloped and overpopulated.

    I confess to being of that mindset.

    I have lived here since the early 70s when the So. Florida population was literally 3.5 million less people than today and everything West of University Drive (47th ave in Dade) was pretty much Orange Groves and large cattle ranches and horses.

    It was a nice balance of City (Miami and Lauderdale) and rural country and nature.

    But that South Florida is gone. Too much growth and urbanization is making it feel more and more like Los Angeles California every day.

    I am now approaching 50 and I confess, I do not plan to live here until may late years.

    If you had asked me 25 years ago there is no way I would have considered living anyplace else …………. but I could have never envisioned a place changing as much as this place has.

    Now I really don’t care for it much any more.

    Too claustrophobic.

    The beach and warm 2-3 months of winter are nice … but that is about it.

    Otherwise the place has been turned into a big sheet of non stop asphalt and concrete.

    Every block is simply housing development, strip mall, shopping center, gas station , etc..etc..etc..

    You basically move around inside a mouse maze of concrete down here now.

    Sort of Paradise Lost.

    I would much rather sell here and buy 50. 75, 100 acres in some other part of the country where it still feels like America and there are no neighbors nearby and you can actually appreciate some space, privacy and seclusion and some scenic views and panoramas.

    So I wont’ gripe like some of the people, But I certainly agree with those who say it is not as wonderful of a tropical paradise as it was 30 or 40 years ago.

    And certainly no longer the place I want to live the rest of my life in.

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